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In today’s fast-paced business world, keeping up with the latest technology trends is crucial for success. One area that has seen significant growth in recent years is artificial intelligence (AI). From chatbots to product recommendations, AI is being integrated into all aspects of e-commerce. One area where AI is particularly useful is in creating content for your online store. In this article, we will be discussing the top AI blog post generator apps for Shopify, and how they can help you save time and improve your content marketing efforts.

Here is the list of the best AI Blog Post Generator apps for Shopify in 2023:

1. Penmo: Blog Writer

In the past, you spent a lot of time and effort thinking about your advertising content and blog content, so today, with the great development of AI, this work will be much easier than before. The Blog Writer app is a typical example. It’s a fully automated AI writing generator that creates articles with little need for editing. The Article Writer on Penmo allows you to write blog posts of up to 1500 words in just 20 seconds. All you need to do is provide a topic in just 4-5 words. This app helps SEO-optimized blogs be written 10X faster. Moreover, using this app will help drive 30X organic traffic to your website by creating content in bulk.


  • AI uses the information from your store to curate content in your tone
  • Improved SEO, getting you higher search rankings and increased traffic
  • Industry Coverage: Content for any industry, niche, topic, or product
  • Highly intelligent suggestions and outline created for the best output
  • Expert human writers are available. Match with vetted writers for quality content.


2. Inspo ‑ AI Blog Post Co‑Author

This is an app that helps you write blog articles 10x faster. AI Blog Post Co-Author automatically takes care of the hard work of thinking of new content ideas and coming up with the structure of a brand-new article. Simply select a suggested title or enter your own title, and in a few clicks, you’ll have the full first draft of an article that’s unique, grammatical, and on-topic. Just edit and publish.


  • Inspo can suggest new article topics based on your previous blog posts
  • Given only a title, Inspo writes a full first draft of an article
  • After editing, simply click Save to transfer it to your blog for publication


3. StoryBlog: Blog Post Generator

Have you ever thought about creating unique and SEO-friendly blog posts within seconds using AI and GPT models? StoryBlog allows you to create SEO-friendly and engaging blog posts within a few clicks. Understanding that writing content is work that is so hard and expensive, the developer has created this great app. It leverages the power of AI and GPT models to boost your SEO and create attractive content for readers. Let StoryBlog write engaging blog posts based on products in your store using AI magic.


  • Create engaging, fluent, and high-quality blog posts within seconds using AI
  • Boost your SEO with products’ related blog posts
  • Set the tone and give the AI instructions about your style


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