How To Show Recent Order Notification Using Show Recent Orders App In Shopify

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There are best Shopify apps that help display recent sales to create an atmosphere of a busy store and instantly boots sales. One of the great apps that I will introduce in this article is Show Recent Orders | Sales Pop app. This app will increase your conversion rates by showing your visitors your most recent orders. There is no coding required, so click Install and start displaying nice recent order notifications & cart notifications on your site in less than 30 seconds.


Login to your account to the Shopify apps store first if you want to search and download this app to your store. Once you’ve found the app, click Add App and Install App.

After completing the installation, Dashboard will be displayed so you can customize items such as Recent orders, Cart Notifications, Custom popups… Note that all settings are saved automatically and can take up to 1 minute to appear in your store.

For the free version, the notification style will be installed in the basic style. And if you want to get an additional notification style else, you must upgrade to the paid version.

Recent order notifications: Show Recent Orders app shows your recent sales notifications to your visitors and instantly boosts sales. The app will create social proof on your store. In this section, you can install items such as Basic settings, colors, batch display settings, tag settings, advanced settings, hide notifications, Show/hide products, Add/hide orders. The right side of the screen will be a preview of your settings. The preview is displayed for the purpose of making it more convenient and time-saving for you to have a store that looks exactly like your requirements.

Cart notifications as social proof: Cart notifications will show whenever somebody adds something to their cart. If you don’t have any orders, cart pop-ups will make your store look busy and create another social proof element. This is instant social proof for your shop and can help you massively boost your sales.

Custom pop-ups: By creating a custom notification you can alert users about a discount, a product that is back in stock, or anything else. For example, you want to offer a better deal for a product than your competition, or just simply you have a discount and you want to let your users know about it… Let’s create a notification and let users know about it now.

More than simply displaying recent orders, almost all other useful features for your store are also integrated into this amazing app. Please download the application and experience the great benefits that it brings!

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