How to Send Abandoned Checkout Email On Shopify Without App

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In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, every lost potential sale presents an opportunity for strategic revival. Among the most effective tactics for recapturing these sales is the skillful use of abandoned cart checkout emails. While various third-party applications exist to facilitate this process, Shopify merchants can harness the power of abandoned cart recovery directly, without relying on additional tools.

This guide delves into the art and science of executing abandoned cart checkout email campaigns exclusively through the Shopify platform. By mastering this process without external apps, merchants can exercise greater control over their communication, tailor their strategies to their brand’s unique essence, and optimize the path toward purchase completion. Join us as we explore the step-by-step methods, invaluable tips, and best practices that empower Shopify store owners to seamlessly re-engage potential customers and recover revenue.

To send abandoned checkout emails in Shopify, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Checkout section of your Shopify admin page

The first step in setting up abandoned checkout emails is to go to your Shopify store’s admin page. From the dashboard, click on Settings > Checkout.

Step 2: Enable “Send abandoned checkout emails automatically”

Once you are on the Checkout page, scroll down to the Abandoned checkout emails section and enable the checkbox for Send abandoned checkout emails automatically.

Choose whether to send the email to Anyone who abandons their checkout or Email subscribers who abandon their checkout. After that, choose when you want your email to be sent out. Shopify recommends sending your abandoned checkout email 10 hours after the customer abandons their cart and Save.

Step 3: Customize your email template

After you’ve set up your email recipients and how long they receive them, pay attention to an equally important part, the email content. Click Customize email to get started.

Upon selection, an HTML editor will emerge in a new window, providing you with the platform to personalize your email’s content. Within this interface, you have the flexibility to refine the text and eliminate any redundant repetitions present in the template.

Step 4: Conduct a Pre-Sending Email Test

Make sure your emails are perfect before they are sent to your customers by clicking Preview.


In conclusion, effectively recovering abandoned shopping carts is crucial for maximizing sales and optimizing the customer experience in an online store. While many rely on apps to streamline the process, it is entirely possible to send abandoned cart checkout emails on Shopify without using third-party applications. By leveraging Shopify’s built-in features and customization options, store owners can create personalized and targeted email campaigns that entice customers to complete their purchases. This approach not only helps in reducing cart abandonment rates but also provides a more budget-friendly alternative, especially for those just starting their e-commerce journey. Remember, success lies in crafting compelling content, offering incentives, and maintaining a seamless shopping experience to win back potential customers and foster lasting relationships.

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