How To Show the Number of Products in the Cart on the Favicon

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Your customers can visit your store’s web at various times, at their leisure, or while they are at work, and they will naturally access many tabs on the screen at the same time. A tool that helps to display the number of products in the customer’s cart on the favicon will help customers pay attention to their order, helping their cart not to be forgotten or ignored with an incomplete order. Favicon Counter﹣Count products app will be the best tool to help you do that. Let’s see its benefits and how it works.


Once installed, Click Turn On button to begin. Through this app, you can customize how you want the favicon counter to look, as you can change the color of it and its shape, also you can control the style of his animation. Customize the following items as Badge configuration, Animation, Badge, and text color to get a design in your own style.

Favicon Counter﹣Count products app allows you to show the number of products in the customer’s cart on the Favicon and that help. After completing the customization and Save, the app will work on your store immediately. This app does not affect SEO and No coding is required.

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