How To Create a Photo Gallery in Shopify with Image Gallery App from EnormApps

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If you are technical or have a custom developer at your disposal, you can write code for your own photo gallery. If you consider yourself non-technical, I think you should use a Shopify app. In this article, I will guide you how to create a photo gallery and embed it into anywhere in Shopify with a Shopify called Image Gallery + Video ‑ EA.

Firstly, you must go to the Shopify App Store and find this app and install it normally.

After successful installation, you go to the app dashboard. From the left sidebar, you must click on to Image Gallery, then click on to Create Gallery button on create a new gallery.

Next step, you must set a name for the new gallery.

Now you will upload all the images you want to display in this gallery.

You can tweak the gallery settings in the Settings section.

Finally, you go to the Install section to add this gallery to your Shopify store. The app offers 2 options to allow you to embed the gallery.

  • Automatically: You can choose the page you want to add the gallery from the page list, choose position and click on Install.
  • Manually: The app offers the embed code. You can copy this code and embed anywhere you want to show this gallery. It’s more flexible than.

Shopify app store not only has this app but also has many apps to help you to create photo galleries. I’ve also written an article to list the best Shopify Photo Gallery apps.

I hope you find this article is helpful.

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