How To Add An Age Confirmation Popup For Your Shopify Store Using Age Check Popup App

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According to the law, customers can access your website when they reach a certain age. How to display this feature on your Shopify store automatically? I would recommend the Age Check Popup app. The app provides an age confirmation popup for your shop, which may be required by law to have on your store, based on the type of merchandise on sale and your country/jurisdiction. More than that, the pop-up layout adapts to any device size. It’s convenient and useful.


After logging in to the Shopify apps store, you search for App Age Check Pop-up to download or you can click the Install icon above to integrate this app as quickly as possible. 

For the free version, you will have 4 themes to choose from. Please select the theme you like and customize it according to your requirements. 

  • Customize: In the customize, you have 6 items to set like title, background, popup content, popup shape, buttons/Dropdowns, Footer.
  • Options: In this Generic Options, you can set the days of remembering user, exit Redirect Address (clicking the No/Exit button will redirect to the specified address), Cookies, Popup Z-index (This option is for compatibility with other popup or overlay apps- the popup/overlay with highest z-index is displayed on top of others), and Enable/Disable app without having to uninstall.
  • Pictures: Upload your own background or logo images.

After saving all the changes, the app will go live on your website. However, there are also some cases where the application does not work, you can check some of the following reasons. 

  • Your browser or a browser addon might be blocking third-party scripts
  • The popup is disabled in app settings. Please check section options from the main tab menu, there the option “Enable/Disable App”
  • The popup won’t show up for the same user. Please try on another browser, another device, or using incognito/private browsing. You may also just clear your cookies and refresh the page.
  • The address might be disabled in the app visibility settings.

This app is very useful. It does not show popup repeatedly to the same visitors. Can remember the visitor for a configurable length of time. By using responsive design, it looks good on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. It is quite easy to have a popup customized & published on your store in a couple of minutes. Let’s install and ẹnjoy it. I hope that this article will be useful to you. 

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