How to get a Youtube API Key

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Some Shopify apps need Youtube API key to work. This step-by-step tutorial walks you through how to create and get a Youtube API key.

Go to and log in or create an account, if necessary.

After logging in go to this link and click on the blue CREATE PROJECT button as depicted in the photo below. Wait a moment as Google prepares your project.

Fill in whatever Project Name you want.

Then click GoogleAPIs link in the top left corner and then click the link option called YouTube Data API v3 It’s under YouTube API’s. You can see it highlighted in the photo below.

Now click on the ENABLE button.

Next click on the Credentials link to the left menu.

Next click on the Create Credentials > API key button to create new API key.

A popup with API key to appear

Now you can copy and paste the API Key to the control panel of Shopify App.

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