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Shopify is extremely popular across the world due to its flexibility to adapt to varied requirements. There are several store owners who are running wholesale stores using Shopify. With the help of Shopify apps you can easily set up a wholesale Shopify store. Based on your requirement, you can either create different pricing options or restricted access for wholesale customers. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Shopify wholesale pricing apps you can install on your Shopify eCommerce store. Choose the one that fits your business model, and you will be good to go.

1. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale


This Shopify app allows retailers to assign customized and wholesale pricing to individuals. It also allows merchants to flag customers based on whatever criteria they want, e.g. when someone spends more than $200 on your site or buys 50 pairs of shoes.


  • Seamlessly use the same store to offer Wholesale B2B or Custom Pricing to premium customers (VIP, Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.).
  • Simply create tags for specific groups of customers and set price levels for that customer group. When customers log in, the app changes pricing automatically.
  • Discounts can be as simple as 10% off the entire store for VIP customers or 30% off for Wholesale B2B customers. Or, you can upload detailed pricing spreadsheets, or use our powerful pricing tool and set each individual product what you want it to be for each customer.
  • With the new Quantity Breaks module available, you can also offer bulk discounts to any of your customers, so they can save more when they buy larger quantities. Apply/exclude discounts to any of your product’s variants, without needing to duplicate them!

2. Wholesale Pricing Discount


With this app you can offer wholesale prices for specific customers on your shopify store! Just select the customer or customer group, a percentage discount, and what product’s you’d like to offer them for. You can choose collections, individual products, or the entire store. Have a lot of different customers? No worries because you can set as many wholesale discounts as you’d like. It also allows you to create minimum quantities or dollars spent for the order too. Specific wholesale shipping rates can be applied as well.

3. Wholesale Pricing Now


With Wholesale Pricing Now, your wholesale and VIP customers can login to your store and view discounted pricing not available to your retail customers.


  • Individual Product Pricing.
  • Auto-tag Rules.
  • Override Shipping and Tax Charges for Wholesale Orders.
  • Offer out-of-the-box compatibility with AJAX carts in Supply, Narrative, Boundless, Brooklyn and Pop themes.
  • Net 15/30 Payment Terms Feature.
  • Displays upsell offers to wholesale shoppers letting them know when spending more or adding more items to cart will get them a greater wholesale discount.
  • Offer wholesale discounts on specific products, collections or your entire store.
  • Wholesale discount tiers can be based on dollar value or quantity so you can offer greater wholesale discounts when customers spend more.
  • Multiple wholesale discount groups can be applied at checkout at the same time letting you offer the same customer different wholesale discounts on different products.
  • No waiting for theme edits.

4. Wholesale Hero ‑ Wholesale


Wholesale Hero – Wholesale is a brilliant app allow you to wholesale in the easiest way. This app helps you creates unlimited discount codes for your online store. Thanks to this, each time your customer decides to make a purchase your wholesale items, they will get the discount codes immediately. As they can get discounts, they will prefer to buy more items. Hence, you are able to gain more profit. Furthermore, instead of a percentage discount, this app sets particular wholesale prices. The clients will be attracted by the lower price and be encouraged to buy it instantly. You don’t need to sync the discount manually even if you make a change to a product because Wholesale Hero will automatically take responsibility for this. Furthermore, your products or variants will never be duplicated with each other thanks to the app’s intelligence. If you feel impressed, set up this app as soon as possible.

5. Wholesale Simplified


The app does not create duplicate variants. So, you can maintain the product inventory just like the retail store. Simply flat discount to all products. Just add a customer tag and discount rate. All products avails for discount for that customer.

Add discount for specific collections with specific discount rate withing a discount rule. Such as, VIP customers get 13% Off T-shirts and 20% Off Trousers.

Add fixed discount price for certain product. Such as, Gold customers get 50$ less for Blue Tshirt (100$).

Multiple customer pricing levels, each customer type (VIP, Gold, Premium etc.) having different discounts for different collection of products.

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