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How to spy on Shopify stores for their best-selling products?

Shopify, a fast-growing eCommerce platform (also a first choice of drop-shippers) is a wonderful webstore managing tool. Like all platforms and web applications, Shopify allows for tons of major and minor tricks to increase conversion, make it easier to manage stores or help with everyday Shopify tasks.

One of the tricks in particular is too often overlooked and not taken seriously enough by Shopify users. It’s the option to view best-selling products in any Shopify based webstore. Yes, you can view your competition’s best-selling products (in descending order)!

How can you benefit from this feature? Think for a second. If you’re drop-shipping, you’re always facing the same problem: how to pick the right products. Picking the product that’s going to turn out to be a best seller is an art. It’s extremely difficult and expensive as well, because, most of the time, you’re going to have to test your picks with ads. If you can see your competitor’s best-sellers, maybe even on another market, things become quite a bit simpler, don’t they? Visit your competitor’s homepage, add collections/all?sort_by=best-selling to the URL and boom! You have their best-sellers before you!

How to protect your webstore from being spied on?

All that said, you don’t want your competitor pulling the same trick on you, do you? Why would you give them such easy access to your best sellers? Since there’s no option to disable this feature in Shopify, the eComBoost team set out on a mission to find a solution that would protect you! They’ve created ShopProtect.

It’s a Shopify app that will allow you to prevent best-seller queries through URL. Excellent! But that’s not everything ShopProtect can offer you. It also offers all-around protection by allowing you to disable simple photo downloads from your webstore, prevent tagging and copying of text, keyboard shortcuts and much more.

This is an app that should be a core element of every Shopify webstore – it’s the only way to protect your hard work. For just $4.99 per month, ShopProtect can offer you complete protection from spying. This is peanuts in comparison to how much it would cost you if you competitors started advertising the same product. To test its usefulness, it comes with a 3-day free trial!

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