10+ Best Free and Premium Create Video Apps for Shopify

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As an eCommerce business, videos are no longer an added bonus, they are a must. Around half of all online consumers want to see a video before they make a purchase and none of us can afford to miss out.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you need to communicate with your customers through outstanding videos that convey your vision and brand to your store and social media channels. To do this, you need superb apps and tools. But when it comes to video creation, do you even know where to start? Don’t worry!

These are the best free and premium Shopify Making Video Apps:

  1. Instant Product Video Ad Maker
  2. CreatorKit ‑ Video & Ad Editor
  3. Videofy ‑ Make Product Videos
  4. Promo.com ‑ Promo Video Maker
  5. Product Video Maker
  6. Vizard ‑ Instant Video Maker
  7. Brisa Video Creator
  8. Octovid
  9. Video Ads Builder
  10. Dynavi Product Video
  11. Factory

1. Instant Product Video Ad Maker


With this app you can generate instant product videos for your store to market them on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram pages.

You can generate single or multiple products video in few clicks. There are multiple pre-built video templates given to choose and proceed. Within few seconds and few clicks, you will be able to create product video & see video preview. Even you can edit it any time while creating it. Copyright free audios given, you can upload your own audio as well.

After the video is created, you can download videos on your computer once you are OK with the preview. And later you can share it on social media accounts to market your store or product.

2. CreatorKit ‑ Video & Ad Editor


This app helps to create awesome social media content and high converting video ads in minutes!

With this app, you can:

  • Choose from dozens of templates
  • Automagically generate videos from product photos.

Creating videos is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Choose your template.
  • Select product images.
  • Boom! Done. Download your video.

3. Videofy ‑ Make Product Videos


This is an easy-to-use app that helps you create promotional and product videos in a matter of minutes, from existing images and metadata in your store. You can even make them in bulk for all your store’s products.

Videofy has several unique features that allow you to repurpose your images and metadata and create new media that will engage your audience by providing you:

  • An automatic way to instantly create video content for your online store and social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube and more.
  • Bulk creation for all your store products so you save time and effort.
  • A more appealing and upgraded look to your store, increasing engagement, time-on-page and session duration, which can help improve your store’s SEO.
  • Support for multiple use cases like the product web pages, social media posts, video ads and more.
  • Promotional and call to action messaging to increase incoming traffic, conversion, sales and ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Branding options like adding your brand colors, font, logo, store name and more.
  • Rich video styles and licensed music for any video purpose and store design.
  • Ready-to-use templates or advanced editing capabilities for when you’re feeling creative.
  • Super intelligent technology based on years of video editing and creation experience.

4. Promo.com ‑ Promo Video Maker


The best part of the app is that its video creation is requiring almost no effort on your part. All you have to do is decide what kind of video you need and the app will automatically pull existing footage and images from your store and create a video optimized to achieve your goals.

The app was developed by Promo.com, the world’s leading video creation platform for businesses and agencies. The app takes eCommerce marketing to a whole new level.

5. Product Video Maker


This app helps to create these product videos in minutes with an easy-to-use drag and drop Shopify video editor.

You can create:

  • Product in-focus videos
  • Promotional offers and discounts
  • How-to videos
  • Customer testimonial video
  • Product review videos
  • Instagram story videos
  • Instagram feed video posts
  • Facebook feed videos
  • Facebook ad videos

6. Vizard ‑ Instant Video Maker


This is a native Shopify app, that helps to create stunning videos of your store products in seconds. You can create “single-product” videos in 30 seconds with 3 clicks! It automatically picks up your selected product’s name, price and other details and presents you with a ready to download video. You also can customise it to your liking or download & share right away!

7. Brisa Video Creator


This app makes video creation easy. It gives you the power to create professional videos:

  • Easily add images from your product catalog or upload other images
  • Add text to promote sales, highlight features, or any other goal you have
  • Use the default styles or customize it to match your brand
  • Choose the perfect background music to fit the mood of your product.

8. Octovid


With Octovid now you can make video ads with a simple easy three step mechanism and high quality look. It is the simple, fast and professional solution you have been looking for.

With this app you can make video ads in just 3 easy steps:

  • Choose the most suitable template for your brand and product.
  • Add photos, titles and descriptions with just a click.
  • Select your exact brand hex colors with the color picker and complete your product video ad in just a few minutes. Start attracting potential target customers immediately.

9. Video Ads Builder


With TopVid you can easily create videos that you can share on social networks and use them as video ads.

This unique video builder makes it extremely simple to customize our video templates, add images and texts. In just a few minutes you can have a production-quality video. You no longer need to hire a professional agency to generate great videos for your store.

10. Dynavi Product Video


Dynavi technology allows you cash in on your existing product content. Your videos should present the products in your shop, their pictures, descriptions, prices and your shop promotions.

With Dynavi Product Videos you can move faster then the competition:

  • Wizard based: Use a simple 3-steps-wizard to create your own video catalog. Previous video experience – not needed!
  • Instant video generation: Your videos will start working for you within minutes, not weeks. Special holidays promotion? Your full catalog is quickly updated…
  • A/B testing to find most converting video: Create multiple videos, and find that one that converts better.

11. Factory


This app uses advanced video technology that allows you to easily generate slideshow-style videos from your products’ images in seconds. The app takes product data and converts them into dynamic videos that capture the visitor’s attention and boost viewer engagement, allowing your store to create a video for each of your products in a snap.

How does the app work?

  • Choose what video template you want to use.
  • Decide the aspect ratio you prefer: square, vertical or horizontal (great for YouTube) and other options the selected template might have.
  • Choose what products to use from your product catalog.
  • The app will automatically create a mp4 video for each one of your selected products.
  • Once the process is completed, you will be able to download, preview or export the videos to other platforms.
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