6+ Top Shopify Price Negotiation Apps to Boost your eCommerce Store

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There will be a significant number of customers who would want to negotiate a price rather than directly purchasing online. Sometimes customers want to explore the possibilities of getting a better deal when buying in bulk. Or they want to discuss with a product expert directly before making a purchase decision. In all these cases, Shopify Request a Quote apps can help you a lot.

Here is a list of 6+ best Shopify Price Negotiation apps:

1. Price Beater

Price Beater keeps your business at a competitive edge. It allow your customers to give you a quote. The Price Beater button opens an elegant pop-up asking your visitor for their contact details and the competitors’ URL.

With this app, you can easy setup & advanced customization.


2. Request a Quote

Request a Quote app gives the customers a power of adding product quotes by submitting a quote form via the “Add to quote” button. Store owners will automatically receive email notification of the details and send back the quote. When the price negotiated satisfies both sellers and customers, a request can be turned into an order successfully.


3. Make an Offer

This app allows your end customers to make a price offer on products selected by the store owner. Store owners have complete autonomy over how and when they wish to have the option of making an offer shown.

You could place a “Make an offer” button beside the “Add to cart” button or you could choose to only show the exit popup when a user is exiting the website. For mobile users you can even choose a timed overlay, which is an elegant message that shows on the product and cart page after a few seconds if the user is still undecided about purchasing the item.


4. Negotio “Name Your Price” App

In addition to your Add to Cart button, this app enables a “Name Your Price” button. After clicking this button, shoppers can enter an Offer Price. If their Offer Price is at or above your Accept price, then the app adds the item to the cart at that higher than Accept Price!

If their Offer Price is within your counter-offer range, the app will automatically make a counter-offer up to your “Accept” price and the shopper may buy it at your Accept price.

Once you enable the app, you may apply the Name Your Price or Make an Offer button to any or all products in your store. The app automatically calculates and suggests an Accept price based on your existing Sale price and Cost entered for each item. It allows you to make pricing rules for Collections/Categories at a time. This means you can have the Negotio button installed on hundreds or thousands of products in seconds.


5. Better Price

With Better Price app customers are always sure that they get the best price for the product comparing to competitors.

Once installed, Better Price adds a small link near product’s price on product pages. When client clicks the link, better price request form appears. Once better price request is submitted, you will get a notification to specified email. So if customer found the better retail price somewhere else it’s possible to contact you and request a discount which makes positive on-demand experience for customers and for your business. You will be able to check and compare prices before providing customer with a lower price – in this way customers are getting elastic pricing.


6. Quibble!

Quibble is a simple to use, unique price negotiation tool that allows stores, to give their visitors an easy way to privately make them an offer – on selected items. Stores can then choose to accept, reject or counter the offers made using Quibble.


7. Globo Request a Quote

Globo Request a Quote allows your customers to submit quotes for any product and bargain for the best price. If you agree with these quotes, you can turn them into orders! Your customers can click on the “request for quote” button and fill in the request for quote form. After they submit a price quote, an email will be sent to you automatically (store owner).


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