Here’s how to protect your Internet Privacy from the Latest Senate Decision

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What happened?

This week, Trump signed a resolution allowing ISPs (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) to sell your browsing habits without your permission. Yes, it’s offical. Privacy is dead.

How does it effect you?

A lot can be uncovered about you with just your internet browing data: location, family members, hobbies, income, etc. ISPs can now sell this infor to advertisers so they can target with borderline creepy percision.

How to protect yourselt?

  • Make sure every site you visit (especially if you’re entering a password or CC number) is protected by HTTPS – live by the green lock!
  • Use a VPN, aways. This will ensure that your ISP can’t even see what websites you visit in the first place.
  • Note: HTTPS can only encrypt your activity once you’re interacting with the site itself.
  • Bonus: VPNs also make sure hackers and spies can’t get ahold of your personal info.

In light of the above, we’re offering incredible VPN deals starting at just $14.99. Seriously, online security is less expensive than a Saturday night Uber ride.

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