Firepush – The all-in-one marketing automation platform for Shopify stores

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Engaging customers via marketing channels they prefer is a must for high engagement and sales. The preferences include emails, SMS, push notifications, and others, so finding the right set of marketing channels is a good strategy to meet this requirement.

That’s why Shopify stores use omnichannel marketing apps like Firepush, which allows contacting customers via three channels: emails, SMS, and push notifications.

Firepush is a complete solution, making it possible to build lists of subscribers, sending marketing campaigns, and monitoring their performance.

Firepush: A Quick Intro

Firepush is an all-in-one Shopify marketing automation platform designed for new and large stores. The app combines three marketing channels (email, SMS, and pushes) for you to manage in one simple dashboard.

Firepush is useful for Shopify stores that need an effective marketing and remarketing solution to increase customer engagement and sales. Thanks to multiple marketing channels available, stores can drive traffic and maximize awareness of new promotions and sales.

How Does Firepush Work?

Firepush has everything to build subscriber lists and engage them consistently: website email capture tools, automated marketing campaigns, and abandoned shopping cart recovery messages.

You start by capturing visitors’ emails with website tools and collecting lists of potential customers. Choose a marketing channel to collect subscribers—emails, SMS, pushes, or all of them—and add to your store. Your visitors will select a channel to get notifications, which helps to meet their preferences.

Once you’ve collected an appreciable list of subscribers, you can create, schedule, and send various kinds of marketing campaigns. Everything is automated when it comes to sending and tracking performance—just make and schedule your campaigns.

Firepush: Best Features

The most useful features of Firepush include:

Retargeting Marketing Campaigns

You can send promotional emails, SMS, or pushes to your list of subscribers. These campaigns should help drive traffic to your Shopify store, raise awareness of promotional deals, and increase sales.

Firepush makes retargeting simple with an easy-to-use dashboard, message editor, and analytics. Users with no previous experience can easily build and schedule campaigns regardless of the chosen marketing channel.

Tracking and scheduling allow users to monitor performance and send campaigns at the highest performance times. All you need to do is create the campaigns.

Subscriber Segmentation

Firepush allows you to divide your list of subscribers into categories to personalize your offers. The app automatically defines categories based on engagement, amount of money spent, message open rate, and many others.

Since the subscriber segmentation is dynamic and automatic, there’s no need to do it manually. You can filter out specific groups of subscribers to create relevant marketing campaigns and increase the chance of engaging them.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery

You can send abandoned shopping cart reminders via emails, SMS, or pushes. It’s easy: just set up an automatic recovery campaign using the channel of your choice. Once set up, Firepush will recover sales automatically and help you increase revenues.

Simple Message Editor

Firepush’s straightforward editor allows creating emails, SMS, and push notifications with no previous experience. The email editor, for example, is a drag-and-drop tool, so you can make custom emails very easily. Besides, every marketing channel comes with templates, which helps speed up the process of creating campaigns.

Useful Campaign Analytics

Firepush makes campaign tracking simple. The tool has a dedicated Reports section where you can check analytics for marketing campaigns. For example, email marketers can access such essential metrics as open rate, click-through rate, the order made, conversion rate, and revenue.

Superb Customer Service

Firepush has a healthy 4.8 rating on the Shopify App Store from 780+ store owners, and customer service is one of the reasons for that. Every Firepush user gets a dedicated success manager, one-on-one strategic marketing sessions, and fast customer support.

Firepush Pricing

Firepush has one free and two paid plans. The free plan comes with 100 web pushes and basic growth tools. The basic paid plan adds SMS and email functionality and increases the number of monthly web pushes to 7,000. The Pro plan has 10,000 pushes and 15,000 emails and adds segmentation and the full analytics suite.

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