Some common errors about jQuery and how to fix them

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If you are a web developer, the errors about jQuery are the most frequent. Instead take many time for debug to find fault, you just pay attention and you can easily identify common causes of errors and handle them quickly. Here are some of the most common errors:

1. jQuery is not defined

This error is simple, you did not put into the jQuery library before using the jQuery functions. There are two reasons that you do not insert jQuery or inserted but put it below function used.

To fix simply embed the jQuery library or put on it above function used.

2. The $(…).ABC is not a function (ABC is the name of a function jQuery library)

JQuery library from the programmers who built many library functions so that users can easily build features such as popup or slider. And when used occasionally appears the error messages like: $(…).magnificPopup is not a function or $(…).owlCarousel is not a function… This error is as simple as the above error, but it belongs to the library functions you use, not the jQuery library. And similar workarounds.

3. Mistakes jQuery library

Each version of jQuery will have certain differences with each library function and built on the foundation of jQuery often compatible with jQuery version at that time. Later maybe newer versions of jQuery will be differences as library functions but operate and error. It is difficult to describe in detail for this error message because the case may be, as well as the version it uses that will have different error messages. To recognize this you need to have one bit of experience. To fix this issue find the matching version of the jQuery library for compatibility function.

4. Conflict jQuery

As described in errors at 3, then you may need to use 2 jQuery library with 2 different versions on the same page to run 2 different function libraries. And sometimes this can cause conflict jQuery. Like error in number 3, then this error will not receive specific notice is how returns and also have a bit of experience you will be judged on. To solve this problem you will need to use one library function named jQuery Migrate to synchronize the differences in the versions of jQuery to simply insert only a version jQuery library for all functions.

Above are four common mistakes when working with jQuery. In fact there are many more errors and you need to equip the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair. If something troubled you can contact with me to research and debug.

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