8+ Best Shopify Shipping Insurance Apps

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Due to the ever increasing presence of e-commerce, hundreds of thousands of packages are being shipped throughout the world on a daily basis. Because of this, it is becoming more and more common for packages to become lost in transit or arrive at your customer’s house broken or damaged. Porch theft is also becoming a common place issue. If you want to offer insurance upon your package for any damages occurring, being stolen or lost, etc, then the Shipping insurance coverage Shopify apps come handy.

Here is a list of the best Shopify Shipping Insurance Apps:

1. Simply Insurance

Simply Insurance allows you to make extra bucks by selling insurance and make customers secure that they will get their shipment.

Sometimes quick upselling insurance will be a good idea and the app prefer to keep this at the cart page/side cart.


  • Add your insurance plans based on cart value
  • Insurance claim page for customers to send you a claim request
  • Add Email template for each claim request
  • Merchant have the option to refund partially or fully
  • Merchant have the option to reject the claim if the claim looks suspicious.
  • Merchant don’t refund shipping & taxes


2. Nano Insurance

When an item has been shipped, as a merchant, you do not have control over what will happen during transit and we know, more than anyone, that there is nothing more frustrating than getting poor customers reviews due to issues beyond your control.

Nano Insurance has been developed with this in mind. The app takes the stress and worries by seamlessly integrating into your checkout and gives your customer the ability to take an insurance policy with us that will cover their shipping risk at a small fractional cost of their cart value. All with a simple click of a button.

When the unexpected does happen, your customer will be able to claim their policy directly to Nano Insurance. Saving you the hassle and replacement cost, as well as ensuring your brand reputation is unaffected. As a cherry on top, you, as a merchant, will earn a percentage commission of all policies sold through your store!


3. Freighty ‑ Delivery Insurance

Freighty is a Shopify app that provides Delivery Insurance to your customers at checkout. Underwritten by Chubb – the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company – Freighty provides insurance to your customers at checkout helping you to increase conversions, reduce delivery losses and earn policy commissions – for free. Save time and reduce headaches for you & your customers, while improving their brand experience. It’s the ultimate win-win and you can install it for free in just 30 seconds.

It’s a simple 4 step process:

  1. Install Freighty for Shopify by clicking here.
  2. At checkout, customers choose to add Freighty delivery insurance to their order.
  3. The policy is issued & customers receive an email/SMS with their policy & details.
  4. When necessary, customers file a claim & Freighty handles the whole process. Approved claims are usually paid out within 48 hours.


4. Route ‑ Shipping Protection

Route’s unique suite of products gives Shopify merchants unprecedented control over their entire post-purchase flow. Best-in-class brands leverage Route for order protection, real-time package tracking and modern customer communication and reengagement tools—all without coding or development skills needed.

  • Package tracking – Email, App, SMSOrder protection – Full suite of coverage options
  • Order resolution – One-click claim filing and reorders
  • Automated support – Instant resolutions and refunds
  • Customer reengagement – Promotional content

Route’s streamlined installation process makes it possible to get up and running on Shopify or Shopify+ in minutes.


5. G1 Shipping Warranty Manager

Shipping Warranty Automation by Guardia One is a completely free service dedicated to aiding merchants like you to save time and money by taking care of these customers affected by shipping loss, as well as earn daily revenue commissions, all with zero effort on your part.

It’s simple. Just download this Shopify app and an option will be automatically added at checkout prompting customers to add shipping protection for only $0.98 (if the order total is greater than $100, the price becomes 1.2% of the order total). After their order is placed, they will receive an email from Guardia One with instructions in the event their package is lost, damaged, or stolen. If one of these events occurs, a Guardia One agent will then coordinate with the customer and will place a replacement order on their behalf, all within a guaranteed 24-hour timeframe.


6. Order & Shipping Protection

Insurify allows merchants like yourself to offer insurance protection on the products or services you sell. You can start covering stolen or broken items that have been insured by the consumer.

Insurify increases customer confidence at a pivotal point in the purchase process, resulting in site conversion increase.

Shoppers can buy with confidence knowing their purchase is guaranteed. Insurify reinforces trust in your brand and aids in purchasing decisions at the checkout page.


7. Shield ‑ Shipping Protection

Shield Services was created to help ease customer and merchants minds when it comes to delivery services. The application allows customers to choose package protection on your website at a small fractional cost of their cart value. This will guarantee delivery of their item.

If an item becomes lost, stolen or damaged, your customer will be able to process a claim directly with Shield Services. The app will work directly with your customer during the claim process. This will not only save you time and customer service nightmares, but it will also ensure that your customers are taken care of. Also, you, as the merchant, will earn a percentage commission of all monthly earnings through your store!


8. Guide Shipping Protection

Give your customers the chance to protect their packages at checkout in one simple click. With Guide Shipping Protection you will do more than just avoid the headaches associated with replacing packages. If an item is lost, damaged, or stolen the app will replace it with a repurchase. This way instead of dealing with frustrated customers, Merchants are able to focus more on new sales, and the added revenue from Guide’s replacement orders.

The app handles the order issues process from start to finish and provide you with key insights along the way.


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