Top 20 Advanced Product Search and Filter Apps for Shopify

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If you are searching for a way to boost your store’s performance by using product filters, collection filters,s or instant searches then these apps could be your answer. These applications use the best filtering technique to generate accurate product filter and collection filter results. Your customers are able to accurately find the products they want within seconds. Besides that, you can completely create smart product filters and display suggestions you want for your customers’ searches. Customers do not need to enter all the keywords they want to search for, the customer’s search experience will be significantly improved. Matching results and suggestions will be displayed as the customer is typing. What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your sales by installing great apps now.

The best-advanced product search and filter apps for Shopify in 2024 are listed below:

1. Shopify Search & Discovery

A great shopping experience starts with a great search and seamless discovery. Download the Shopify Search & Discovery app to get more control over how customers discover your products. Customize search, filtering, and product recommendations, so you can enhance your products’ relevance and sell more. Help shoppers find what they’re looking for when it matters.


  • Customize filters to let shoppers refine their search by multiple categories, surfacing highly targeted results.
  • Make and edit synonym groups for products, so your product descriptions match the terms shoppers use to search.
  • Use product boosts to feature the products you want to highlight in search results.
  • Add related products you want to recommend on product detail pages on top of the automatically generated recommendations Shopify provides.


2. Product Filter & Search

If you want to engage shoppers to spend more with bright product display through a filter page, search bar, and search results page this app is an excellent tool for you. It helps improve your Shopify search bar performance with powerful features: instant suggestions, spellcheck, typo-tolerance, and catalog redirect. Moreover, it will create Shopify collection filters by product options, variants, tags, meta fields, etc. with different styles to find the products quickly.


  • Enhance your Shopify store experiences with advanced product filtering features
  • Shopify Smart search bar helps shoppers find exactly what they want
  • Upsell & Cross-sell to grow conversions
  • Insightful analytics of Shopify product filter & search
  • SEO, Mobile Optimize with fast performance


3. Smart Product Filter & Search

What is the first thing you do when you are in an unfamiliar area? Do you check the map or use the navigation system on your phone? Your store is an unfamiliar area to new users and without a good ‘map’ (e.g. Menu, Product Filter, Product Search) they might get lost and leave. The Smart Product Filter app won’t let this happen. Your customers are able to accurately find the products they want within seconds. By using this app, you can create multiple product filters for the Shopify store depending on your goods’ attributes. The app will improve your Shopify search bar. Present more relevant time-saving search results with an advanced autocomplete window. And employ a wildcard partial search to make the customers’ experience even easier.


4. Product Search Bar & Filters

With Doofinder you will revolutionize the browsing and search experience of your online Shopify store. Lightning is fast, dynamic, and predictive in nature which understands user behavior in an intelligent way to deliver relevant search results. You can take advantage of Doofinder’s marketing features by displaying banners and promotions associated with specific search terms or campaigns. Discover this new way to increase your sales.


5. Smart search bar & filters

Your visitors click the search bar and have no idea what to type. This app shows them a drop-down list with instant search results for the most popular products, collections, and search terms. AI-powered Shopify search app with instant suggestions, synonym- and spelling recognition, and product search filter with search result page. Add a customizable, mobile-friendly search bar and filter to your store. Show results in a blink, suggest products and autocorrect typos.


6. Collection Filter & Search USF

Imagine a customer needs to find a red dress quickly, and your store shows hundreds of results. With Ultimate Search, this does not happen. It helps your impatient shoppers find their loved items in seconds, resulting in better sales and more revenue. AI-powered search & filter solution with strong typo tolerance & smart suggestion to deliver far more relevant and accurate results. Maximize profit by ranking your products with smart rules: Boost sales & bestselling products, Bury sold-out items & more.


  • Help shoppers navigate to the right products quickly
  • Help shoppers find exactly what they want
  • Merchandising, Upsell & cross-sell to grow AOVs
  • Beautiful widgets to make your store professional
  • Make better decisions with Advanced Analytics


7. Product Filter & Search Bar

With this app, search results are displayed instantly and updated as the user types. What is more, there’s no need to type the entire word or phrase as the smart search app for Shopify allows your customers to search and sort the results like a pro. They can just stop typing at any time and choose one of the suggested options. This way CloudSearch dramatically shortens the path to purchase.

The search filter app has instant access to every corner of your Shopify store. In addition to collections, pages, and blog posts, it analyzes product properties such as titles, descriptions, SKUs, options, and tags. The more data is taken into account, the more robust and effective your custom search will be.


8. Smart Search & Filter

Boost your in-store user experience with Smart Search & Filter from Searchanise. Rely on the fast & clever product search, easy-to-navigate search results & advanced filters. Add them instantly. No coding skills or long setup required: Auto Theme Detector uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your theme and adjust widgets to fit the look and feel of your store.

Make your shoppers want to return by ensuring each step leading to purchase is pleasant.


9. Algolia Search and Discovery

Algolia is an e-commerce search and discovery platform that enables retailers of all sizes to deliver fast and personalized e-commerce experiences that drive engagement and conversions across web and mobile. Algolia comes with a suite of tools built for Shopify users that allow you to analyze, optimize and merchandise the experience.

Algolia connects with your Shopify store product catalog and collections to provide a frictionless search and navigation experience. Easily bring search autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets, and many more to your customers, on any device, with unparalleled speed and relevance.


10. Search & Product Filters

Shoppers using Fast Simon are much more likely to buy. A smart search and conversion app can quickly present relevant results and significantly boost conversion. But why stop there? Search is a very valuable signal. It can be used to personalize the entire shopping experience and further increase conversion.

Shopify Plus certified smart search,tag-based filters, cross-sell, upsell, autocomplete, did you mean, autocorrect, synonyms, visual search. Provide the perfect shopping experience with collections, merchandising, personalization, recommendations, visual search & landing pages.


11. Product Search & Filter Pro

Product Search & Filter Pro is a great tool for your Shopify store. It brings a good and fast search experience for customers. With this app, you can completely create smart product filters and display suggestions you want for your customers’ searches. Making it easier for them to find what they need. Customers do not need to enter all the keywords they want to search for. With Ajax technology integrated with the app, the customer’s search experience will be significantly improved. Matching results and suggestions will be displayed as the customer is typing.


12. FlashSearch‑AI Search & Filter

FlashSearch is a Shopify app developed by a team of experienced e-commerce professionals. Although developed and released after other Product Search and Filter applications, FlashSearch inherits new technologies and advanced thinking.

Developers put themselves in the customer’s shoes and understand their difficulties when using a Shopify app. Hence, FlashSearch is built in an intuitive, simple-to-understand way but still retains the powerful features of a leading Search and Filter application

FlashSearch helps you optimize and increase user experience by quickly searching for products that match your keywords or sometimes those products are prioritized by yourself. It helps you maximize revenue quickly and customers feel useful to them during the search for the right product.


13. Instant Search & Filters

Instant search & filter grows holiday sales by optimizing the searching & filtering experience. You can create multiple product filters for your shop depending on your requirements.

The app will improve your Shopify search bar. The instant search bar will help customers to find exactly what they want. You can change the order of product search results with simple drag-and-drop options.


  • Synonyms: Create similar-meaning words based on shoppers’ preferences, to increase sales.
  • Stop words: Use stop words when you need certain words from your customers’ search terms disregarded to get a more relevant search result.
  • Redirects: Upsell & cross-sell by redirecting customers to a page when they search for a specific keyword
  • Zero character suggestions


14. Product Filter & Search App

This app helps enhance your collection pages with filters using tags, meta-fields, variants, etc. Use a beautiful filter widget to improve the user experience. Experience the search as you type experience with auto spelling correction, synonyms, redirects, etc to help shoppers make faster purchases. Besides that, it helps advanced analytics to dig deep into shoppers’ search behavior and understand their search requirements, offer better choices & improve AOV.


15. Okas LiveSearch & Smart Filter

Instant search is a must-have requirement for almost every e-commerce site. Live Search provides the customer a very convenient method to find out instantly, what he/she is looking for. Smart search results page and collection page filters further ease product filtering on a Shopify store.

As one starts to type in the search box, the products start to appear in the drop-down instantly. Customer can directly click on the relevant search items instead of going to the search page and finding out what he is looking for. Live search provides additional fields like product images etc on the fly to give customers a very rich and personalized experience. Several advanced configurations are available to highlight search terms, show products on sale, show preferred results first, etc.


16. 360 product search and filters

Feature-rich and easy-to-implement search and navigation app, perfect for any Shopify store – Help your customers discover products, find relevant solutions, and convert.

Site Search 360 powers the search for brands and institutions across multiple industries. Companies like ExxonMobil, DeWalt, Three Ireland, The Royal Mint, University of Padova, and Zurich Insurance Group trust 360 to guide customers worldwide daily in their product discovery and support search. Compatible with Online Store 2.0 themes.


17. Search X

Search X is a predictive search app for Shopify stores. Search X focused on blazing fast predictive search, autocomplete, and filtering while sending the smallest possible javascript payload to the browser.

Search X provides a deep filtered search for all Shopify entities: Products, Collections, Articles, and Pages.

Search X is focused on raw performance, lightweight implementation, and clean design elements. Our core Javascript library is only 18K, with no external library dependencies like JQuery and Vue.


18. Instant Search & Quick Filters

Instant Search & Quick Filters operate with very advanced technology, sustainable and scalable in an efficient way that makes possible its super affordable pricing model. Buyers are not patients, it is very important to ensure that your customers do not leave your store, By helping you find the exact products you want, in seconds. Instant Search & Quick Filters enable you to easily increase your sales conversion.


19. Modd Search, Filters & Merch

Spot provides enterprise-grade search, filtering, and merchandising solutions used by top brands to keep the right products in the spotlight. Built only for Shopify, Spot seamlessly integrates and adds powerful functionality designed to let merchants and theme developers focus on what’s important.


20. Advanced Filters & Search

Through this app, you can create multiple product filters for your shop depending on your requirements. This app allows you to build the perfect products and collections filters for your store. The different product filtering methods that the app provides are as follows: Product Filter by collection Product Filter by vendor Product Filter by type Product Filter by variant Product Filter by size Product Filter by color Product Filter by price Product Filter by tag(s).


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