4+ Best Shopify Request A Quote Apps

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Some time Quotations plays a vital role in product sale where they want to buy products in bulk or any customized product directly from the seller. Are you planning to add the Request A Quote button on your Shopify store then this article is especially for you? This article will introduce with you the best Shopify Request A Quote apps.

The Quote apps basically allow your customers to ask for the estimate of any product list they want to buy. You can also add a quote request form on your product page or collection page for any pricing related query.

Here is a list of 4+ best Shopify Request A Quote apps:

1. Globo Request a Quote

Globo Request a Quote allows your customers to submit quotes for any product and bargain for the best price. If you agree with these quotes, you can turn them into orders! Your customers can click on the “request for quote” button and fill in the request for quote form. After they submit a price quote, an email will be sent to you automatically (store owner).


2. Request a Quote & Hide Prices

With this application you can hide product price and “Add to cart” button and replace them with “Get a Quote” button. A customer will be able to send you the quote request using the custom-built contact form. You will receive all the quote details immediately on your email address.

  • This app is a great solution for businesses selling bespoke products or services.
  • Your customers can send you files with the custom forms.
  • Customers can quote for multiple products or a single product depending on your settings.
  • No coding required. It is very easy to install and configure.


3. Call For Price

With this app, you can replace product prices, “Add to Cart” button with the telephone number and a “Call for Price” button. Using this telephone number, visitors can contact your call-center team for more details.

You need Call For Price app if some of your products cannot be sold online and you want customers to contact you to negotiate the price.

This app helps to do communication between customer and seller for product price and other details. Customers can submit product inquiry with its specific variants. It’s also secured with Google reCAPTCHA code.


4. Request a Quote & Hide Prices

This app enable customer quotations request from the front end and also store owner can create quotations request from shopify admin for their customers!

With it, customers can send quotations for a product or specific product variant also. It gives option to secure form with google re-CAPTCHA code.

Customers can send quotations for any product or variant and bargain for the best price.This will email store owner about all the items requested. It will also create an editable quote in the admin. If you agree with these quotes, you can turn them into orders!


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