The Best Backup and Restore Apps to Keep Your Shopify Store Safe

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Losing all data from your online store almost sounds like a nightmare. I am sure no one would want to dream of it even. There are many reasons behind this happening. But certain things can be controlled. If you properly backup your data, you can quickly restore things back to normal.

In this post, I’m going to show you some of the best back-ups and restores apps available for your Shopify store.

1. Rewind Backups


Rewind is the easiest way to backup your Shopify store and undo unwanted changes. Get peace of mind knowing that your most important store data is automatically backed up by Shopify’s top-rated backup app.

Every day, Rewind backs up millions of items for merchants of all sizes.

Rewind backs up more item types than any other solution. This includes:

  • Products and Product Images
  • Customers
  • Orders, Collections
  • Blogs and Blog Posts
  • Pages
  • Themes and Theme Files
  • Menu Navigation
  • Store Policies
  • Locations
  • Shipping Zones
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Saved Searches
  • Metadata

2. Automatic Backups


Automatic Backups is the easiest, most secure way to backup your most important information. The app backups up your entire store and then saves your products, product images, collections, blogs posts, shop pages, and theme files whenever they change. This creates a full history of your shop.

Never worry about changes to your shop again.

Your shop is backed up automatically on install.

A complete history of everything in your shop is made browsable with every version of edits listed. Never worry about changes to your shop again.

At any time, with the click of a button, you can restore anything or everything.

3. Backup


This app automatically backs up the data from your Shopify store and puts it in app’s secure storage. When an item is changed, this app saves a new version of your Shopify data during the backup. That way you can restore to any previous version, ensuring that you can restore to the exact date and time that you need.

The app was designed from the ground up to be completely secure. Connections to Shopify are always made securely, and your most important store data is stored encrypted in Microsoft Azure Datacenter (South Central US).


  • Products (including product images)
  • Metafields
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Themes
  • Pages
  • Blogs
  • Custom collections
  • Smart collections
  • Locations
  • Saved searches
  • Policies
  • Shipping zones

4. Data Backups & Recovery


This app is dedicated to providing you the best solutions in protecting your store from costly downtime and errors. Get automated, secure backups of all of your store’s content – and rest easy knowing that it is keeping a synced copy of your Shopify store in case you ever need to roll back changes.

5. Plug in Backup


Plug in Backup will automatically backup your shop’s published theme every hour.

You can rest assured that any changes to your theme will be saved and any problems that arise can easily be undone.

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