17+ Best Facebook Ad Optimization Apps for Shopify

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Facebook is the best advertising channel at this time. However, if you do not have experience, you will spend a lot of money but not bring good results when running ads on Facebook. Don’t worry! These are the Shopify apps that help you optimize your Facebook ads.

These are the Shopify Facebook Ad Optimization apps in 2024:

1. Scalify for Facebook Ads


If you use Facebook to promote your products, you should be already familiar with the concepts of custom audiences, lookalike audiences, retargeting, split testing, audience breakdown…

These concepts are vital when optimizing and scaling your ads.

However, the process of working with audiences and launching new ad sets manually is very tedious, takes a long amount of time and quickly gets messy, to the point where you get too lazy to do it, ending up missing out on great opportunities.

This is where Scalify comes into play. Scalify completely eliminates the tedious manual work so you can save hours of daily boring tasks and scale your ads as hard as you want. In just a few clicks, you can automatically…

  • Create Customer Lifetime Value Based Lookalike Audiences: Target people who are similar to your existing customers. These people will more likely purchase from you as they share the same interests and behavior of your customers. You can also add an LTV (lifetime) filter to only match the high spending customers.
  • Create Website Traffic Lookalike Audiences: Use your previous website traffic data to create Lookalike Audiences of visitors who have viewed your product, clicked add to cart, initiated checkout, added payment info or purchased. Scalify also supports multiple pixels for data collection and optimization.
  • Create Video Views Lookalike Audiences: Use data from your video views to run ads targeting people who are interested in your products. Usually, people who completed watching your video are the most interested ones. Running an ad to a lookalike audience of those people is a smart idea.
  • Retarget Potential Customers: Retarget potential customers who have already showed interest in your product, by watching your video, or by taking an action on your site without completing the purchase, using the page post you choose to preserve enagement.
  • Dynamic Product Retargeting Ads: DPA retargeting ads target shoppers with a dynamic carousel to remind them of products they viewed but didn’t buy. Big companies like Amazon and ebay do this all the time as they are ones of the most powerful ad strategies.
  • Automatically Create Custom Conversions: Custom Conversions allows you to track specific actions people take on your store for specific niches and products you have. With Scalify, you can create Facebook Custom Conversions easily without having to fiddle around with content IDs.
  • Run Ads to Custom and Lookalike Audiences: In just a few clicks, you can create hundreds of unique Lookalike audiences and target each one in its own ad set. Gone are the days where you had to sit and create your audiences manually. With its powerful backend processing algorithm, Scaling your Facebook ads is now a walk in the park.

2. Kit


Exclusive to Shopify merchants, Kit helps small business owners overcome three big challenges:

  • No time to learn or execute marketing
  • No budget to hire a marketing expert
  • No experience in online advertising to drive traffic and make sale

Kit looks at your products, visitors and customers to make informed recommendations for your next marketing move.

Kit is an official Facebook Marketing Partner for small business. Kit helps you manage your Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing, and social posts to drive sales and grow your business—all for free.


  • Set up Facebook dynamic ads and retarget shoppers most likely to buy
  • Build lookalike audiences to ensure the best targeting for your ads
  • Create Facebook and Instagram ads that drive sales
  • Post Facebook updates to drive customer engagement
  • Send personalized “thank you” emails to generate repeat purchases
  • Create and promote discount codes to acquire and retain customers
  • Generate quick reports to provide insights on sales and marketing performance

3. FREE Traffic & Ads by sixads


Sixads is a free traffic exchange made for store owners like you. Attract more customers to your online store for free by displaying your ads in partner stores or run Facebook ads on the super targeted audiences.

The Facebook ads users enjoy an impressive $0.3 average cost per click in the US market.

Sixads mimics a shopping mall, where multiple stores benefit from being close to each other and sharing the same foot traffic without directly competing with each other.

Sixads is trusted by more than 60.000 e-commerce stores worldwide!

4. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads


This app helps to maximize the ROAS of your Facebook & Instagram ads.

It provides more than 100 ad templates. So you can easily create your ad. You also can edit fonts, colors and design elements to customize any catalog. Your edited catalogs are auto-saved for you to reuse at will. It is also possible automatically highlight key marketing info like your branding, discounts, price, coupon codes and more in your creative.

Just choose your template and leave the rest to app!

5. Facebook ads | Increase Sales


RetargetApp combines expertise in advertising with advanced technologies to make advertising easy and efficient. With this app, you don’t need to invest your time and money into learning advertising best practices or experiment with campaign settings.

Install this app, connect Facebook page, Choose daily budget. That’s it.

6. Facebook Ads Hidden Interests


This app helps you save money on Facebook ads by targeting the right audiences. This app makes finding hidden Facebook interests simple and efficient. Scale your campaigns and outsmart your competition – all while reducing the time you spend on research.

Within seconds this app will use the Facebook Marketing API to reveal all related interests that can be targeted with ads and sort the interests by audience size and use the search buttons to open a new tab with a search on Facebook or Google, to quickly assess the relevance of interests you’re not familiar with.

You can explore interests in all of the Facebook supported languages.

7. Ako Retargeting Facebook Ads


Ako Retargeting helps you grow sales and ROAS effectively. It accelerates your business with advanced Facebook Instagram Retargeting Ads. Smarter Retargeting, greater ROAS!


  • Retarget visitors who viewed your blogs, homepage, collection, product pages
  • Rich ad formats and placements (carousel, collection, video, cover image)
  • Optimize conversions with hyper-targeted campaigns
  • Segment visitors into groups and sequentially retarget them with different ads

8. madgicx.com for Facebook Ads


This is a tool you need to succeed with Facebook Ads. It find top-notch target audience with AI. It put together the data gathered from over $70M spent on Facebook Ads and developed 100+ Elite Audiences that are available to you right now. An easy 5-step process that takes you through launching an out-of-the-box Acquisition, Re-Engagement, Retargeting, and Retention strategy for your business. After that it automate your Facebook Ads.The app’s automated reports provide you with the rich, detailed, and intuitive performance overviews you need – straight to your inbox. It gives you access to all the reports out-of-the-box… even those you didn’t know you need.

9. Facebook Ads Audit Growth Hero


This app helps to audit and improve your Facebook Ads Account. A complete and detailed Facebook ad account audit will give you a deeper understanding of your top losing segments and the opportunities you are currently missing.


  • Campaigns & Ad Sets: Find out which campaigns and ad sets are losing money.
  • Device Type: Find out which device and operating system are converting best for your business.
  • Specific Audiences: Learn which of the audiences you target work best.
  • Geography: This app will show you which countries, states, and regions gain a positive ROAS for you.
  • Demography: See the age groups and gender that are working well for your business.
  • Cross Segments: When mixing all of the segments, are they all profitable for you?
  • Real-time Notification: Select the budget you are not willing to lose, and the app will help you prevent such a loss.

10. Repeat sales with Facebook Ads


Relevanzz extends the capabilities of Facebook Ads giving you full control of audience creation based on existing customers’ data.

Every purchase transaction contains valuable data about a customer’s preferences, needs and spend. Relevanzz helps you capture the value of this data using it to personalize your Ad campaigns.

Create custom segments that are automatically synced with Facebook to deliver the right message to the right audience with relevant campaigns that drive more engagement, repeat sales and recurring revenue.

E-commerce brands are using Relevanzz to:

  • Turn one-time buyers into loyal customers
  • Maximize the reach of promotions and product launches
  • Cross & Up-sell matching products
  • Re-engage and win back lost customers
  • Prevent churn

11. AdSimpli: Facebook Ads Decoded


AdSimpli was tailored for Shopify to help merchants easily create ads on Facebook and Instagram. It features an easy to use ad creation flow that lets you get your ad up and running in no time. In addition, AdSimpli enables you to manage your ads and track important metrics.


  • Create Facebook or Instagram ads to promote a product or collection from your Shopify store.
  • Help you select the best creatives to use for your ad through our ad preview and side by side comparison tool.
  • Manage your ads and see their ROI.
  • Manage your creative assets including images, videos, and texts.
  • See the ROI of different creative assets so you know which one is the winner.

This app works behind the scene and doesn’t make changes to your online store or theme. So you don’t need to worry about any slowdown when your customers visit your store or any zombie code if you choose to uninstall it.

12. Facebook channel


With this app, you can connect your Facebook Business Page to Shopify in a few simple steps. The Facebook tracking pixel will automatically be configured for your online store and your product catalog gets synced to Facebook. As your store gets traffic and sales, you’ll be able to target similar shoppers through lookalike audiences that Shopify will automatically build. You can also retarget shoppers with specific products they have shown interest in without additional setup.

You also can create the most effective Facebook ads with audience building or dynamic retargeting ads, in minutes. Facebook audience building ads allow you to showcase up to 5 products to interested buyers. Dynamic retargeting ads further enhance your ad strategy by allowing you to retarget shoppers that visited your store, getting you closer to making a sale. Your product images and information will be pulled directly from your Shopify store to save you time.

Target the right audience with interest-based targeting or lookalike audiences. Choose a budget, along with campaign start and end dates that work for you.

You can track results without ever leaving Shopify. Use campaign data to track performance and make improvements to your Facebook marketing over time. Shopify will also provide campaign recommendations to fuel better results.

13. SilkRoad ‑ Facebook Auto Ads


SilkRoad can help you create Facebook ads for items in the store in a minute. With just a few necessary information, SilkRoad can automatically create campaigns, ad sets and ads, quickly start promoting and take advantage of market opportunities.

This app helps you save 72% of the time, marketing and advertising become much easier. Automate creative generation with rich creative types. Optimize your ad structure to make it easier to find hot products.

How does it work?

  • Bind to your Facebook account.
  • Select the ad account and fan page.
  • Choose the products you want to promote.
  • Confirm the location, age, gender, and budget.
  • Publish on Facebook, waiting for customers to visit.

14. Facebook Catalog Feed


This app helps connect your Shopify products with the Facebook Advertising Platform for you to create Dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads.

There’s no need to create individual ads for each of your Shopify products or variants. Simply use the app’s feed to import all of the product information, images and pricing to automatically populate advertisements.


  • Multiple Feeds: Don’t waste time setting up product sets in Facebook, just create a new feed with customised settings to suit your ads.
  • Collection Filtering: Choose a specific collection or add products from all collections.
  • Variant Filtering: Just show the products you have available and select the first or cheapest variant. Or you can add all product variants as Facebook products.
  • Image Optimisation: Don’t let Facebook crop your images incorrectly. Resize to fit Facebook’s carousel ad format automatically.

15. Guru App For Facebook Ads


This app does the calculations for you. Facebook Ad strategy is an entirely data driven process, and the decision to cut or scale ads should be made based on disciplined, pre-determined criteria. If you are currently spending hours questioning how to run your ads, this app is for you.

This app comes pre-loaded with an array of strategies for your Facebook Ads. Whether you are running $5 adset, or a $20,000 daily budget, it has you covered.

This app is designed to tell you exactly what to do with your ads.

16. Smart Ads


Smart Ads creates 3 advanced eCommerce campaigns on Facebook in 1-Click, creating a daily upload of your products to Facebook and helps you manage them like a pro!


  • Adding or updating products will update daily in your Facebook catalog and ads.
  • Dynamic ads – Serve the most likely to purchase products – each customer will see different products from your store based on their individual interest.
  • Set to learn your customers interaction with your ads and store to find people who are most similar to people who purchased/ added to cart/ liked/ viewed your products.
  • The system utilizes the power of Machine Learning (AI) by constantly reviewing your campaign results and automatically improving them, by focusing on most likely to buy audiences.
  • You’re in control – the smart campaigns are managed under your account, you pay Facebook directly, you can change your budget or pause you campaigns at any time.

17. Facebook Ad Guru


Facebook Ad Guru is a smart advertising app that demystifies and vastly simplifies advertising for Facebook and Instagram. Just select the products to advertise, and the app does the rest.

Facebook Ad Guru covers the entire marketing journey of a customer.


  • Retargeting & Product Promotion Ads: Retarget or use deep customer insights (gender, age, income, education, interests, etc.) to reach audience.
  • Automated Product Sync with Store: Choose from your products directly from the app and create ads with ease.
  • Audience suggestion: Choose from one of our smart audience profiles or use your lookalike audiences on Facebook directly from the app.
  • Custom Campaign Recommendations: Smart recommendation engine to suggest campaigns you can run which couple of clicks.
  • Simple Performance Dashboard: Easy-to-use performance dashboards lets you monitor your campaigns from a single space.
  • Optimized bidding and scheduling: Deliver your ads at right time at right cost with our automatic bidding and ad scheduling engine.
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