5 Tips to Creative an SEO-Friendly Site

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – that is, search engine optimization is a collection of solutions to bring your website quality and free traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. The better the SEO, the higher your website will rank on the search results page, thereby achieving the important goals that the business is aiming for. According to survey data, 90% of users will not click on search results located on the 2nd page of Google. In other words, if it does not appear on the first page of Google when customers search for products or services, your business has lost 90% of its sales opportunity. And that is why you need to understand what SEO is and why you should care about this marketing channel. You can refer to how to create an SEO-friendly website in the following article.

1. Optimize images on the web

Whatever your business, the content on your website is the most important factor. Content will help customers know the values ​​​​and products that you bring to them. Good content that meets SEO standards will help customers find you more easily and quickly. Content includes text and images. For text, you just need to identify and use the right keywords, but with images, it is more than that. You must not add too many images for your website, the images posted on the website need to put the title and tag for the image, increase or decrease the size, compress the image properly, use the correct image format, properly save the image name, etc. When you focus on image SEO, your website will rank higher on search engines, thereby increasing page loading speed, giving users the most comfortable experience.

2. Heading tags help SEO

The title is an important factor that helps search engines understand what your page is about, and is the first impression many people will most easily notice through search results pages, social networks, and web browsers. Dividing each title tag is also a must-do to promote SEO. Separated headers not only make your article content more coherent, easier to understand, but it also helps your website SEO well when you know how to insert keywords into the titles and attach the keywords. link to those titles.

3. Responsive on all devices

According to research data, visits to Google to search for certain information or business are from mobile phones, not laptops. In other words, to reach more customers, your website needs to be responsively designed on all types of devices. This will make your website more beautiful, meeting the needs of more visitors. It will be unprofessional if your website is designed and compatible with only one browser. Customers will leave you and your website will quickly be forgotten because it does not support users, does not give them a sense of satisfaction. In the long run, your website rankings will drop significantly.

4. Use HTML5

HTML5 is the latest version, which has introduced a lot of new important features. HTML5 has a lot of improvements in terms of language. The new tags are intended to tell the browser what the main purpose of the content in the website is, which benefits both the reader and the search engine. Therefore, using HTML5 will greatly support SEO, helping your website get high rankings in Google rankings.

5. Focus on user experience

User Experience (UX) is the overall experience of a user with a particular product, website, mobile app, or service. UX includes not only the use of features but also other aspects such as experience, emotions, the value received when interacting with that product, website, application, service.

To increase user traffic to your website, SEO is the first tool that comes to mind. However, more people visiting does not mean that the website is working effectively. With a good experience on the web, customers will stay on your website longer, reducing bounce rates, contributing to increased conversion rates. In recent years, Google’s algorithm has changed when ranking web pages on search engines. Accordingly, the machine crawls not only based on traffic (website traffic) but also the average time users stay on the page and the return rate to rank the website. When you focus on the design, content, and features of your website so that your customers have the best experience, your website will automatically rank high.

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