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If you are in search of the most effective and comprehensive seo strategy for your website, then you guys should know that you are in the right place and today we are going to tell you about the best technique that you can use to optimize seo! In this context, we are going to tell you how tracking the ranking position of your keywords can be of great help to you, especially in boosting your seo score! You will also learn all about the best online keyword rank checking tools that can help you with this seo technique!

Our readers would know that there are hundreds of free and paid tools on the web that you can use to check the ranking of your keywords, but what you guys don’t know is that not all of them are reliable in their performance. We have made a thorough research on these keyword rank checker tools on the web and have gathered the details of the top tools and their use below before you guys. You should know that the keyword rank checkers are classified in the two sets, one being downloadable tools and the others as online tracking software tools!

Best keyword rank checker tools!

Here is the list of the top keyword rank checker tools on the internet!

Keyword rank checker tool!

The search engine reports are the best website for checking your keywords for ranking and optimizing them with different seo techniques! The keyword rank checker tool by the is also known as the keyword position checker tool on the internet. This tool is capable of examining your keywords and phrases for their position that they share with respect to different search engines and their listings! To explain you in a simpler way you should consider this example, if you enter a keyword in the tool that you have used in your domain with respect to a certain search engine or location and the result by the tool comes as ‘1’ then this means that the keyword that you are targeting is ranked amongst the top position on the search engine, same is the result if the tool says ‘20′!

The use of the keyword rank checker tool!

The Google keyword rank checker tool by the search engine reports is also very easy to use, and even a newbie can learn the use of it without any complications, you just have to open up the tool on your browser and see through the interface of the tool. Now in this tool you have to first of all enter or specify your own domain address for which you are obtaining results, after this you have to select the search engine location from the dropdown list, after this step you have to select the target devices followed by the entering of top ten keywords that you have stuffed in your content, and lastly, you have to enter the domain address of your competition!

The tool will get you results for every keyword that you have entered within less than seconds! You can also download the report issued by this keyword rank checker tool!


SEMrush is one of the most reputed websites on the internet and is famous for its research tools that help in competing with your competition! The keyword planner and rank checker tool by the SEMrush is also known to be one of the best tools on the web, and one should know that with the help of the keyword rank checker feature of the tool one can easily help himself in tracking his domain or keyword’s position against a certain search engine! You guys must know that data by Google updates and changes on a daily basis, and this tool can help you guys in getting the best information about the position of the words that you have used!

You must understand that the ranking position of keywords can keep on changing with respect to their use and their density of search by the web users, so it can always be the case that the keyword used by you, which was once on the top ranks, is not on the top one any more. There is always one way to be sure of it and to check this ranking position and the change in it, and this is by the use of the keyword rank checker tools in this case by the SEMrush! You can easily get to know about the ranking position of your domain and the keywords targeted in it by just entering the domain address in the tool!

The tool can also help you change and optimize the keywords by informing you about the top-ranked keywords that are being used by the websites in your competition! You can easily optimize your content with these keyword ranker tools in this way!

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