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Affiliate Marketing by Secomapp helps Shopify merchants to build, track and manage their ambassador team easily and automatically. This is one of the best Shopify Affiliate Program apps.


Below is a brief diagram of how the app works:

Phase 1: Set up + Share

Affiliate by Secomapp provides a default Affiliate Program with an Affiliate registration form

Merchant would:

  • Edit (or not) the program, customize the affiliate registration form and set up other details for the program (email templates, payment setup, other settings,…)
  • Share the Affiliate registration form to invite affiliates to join the affiliate program.

Phase 2: Get affiliate

Affiliate registers to join affiliate program

App notifies the merchant of new affiliate and send a notification email to affiliate

Merchant reviews (activate/deactivate) the affiliate

Phase 3: Affiliate promote


  • Shares shop’s media assets on Creatives
  • Assigns affiliate a Coupon code


  • Automatically generates an affiliate link for the affiliate
  • Makes sure that the affiliate can easily access the affiliate link, coupon code and other shared media within the affiliate account.


Gets and uses the affiliate link, coupon code and other media to promote the merchant’s shop

Phase 4: Earn

Customer places an order via affiliate link or coupon code

App records the referral order when the order is paid and notifies merchant + affiliate about the new referral order

Merchant reviews (approve/deny) referral order

Phase 5: Pay

App calculates commission, guides merchant to pay affiliate

Merchant pays the affiliate manually

Affiliate gets the commission

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