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Affiliate marketing (sometimes called referral marketing or influencer marketing) is a sales and marketing strategy where you, the merchant or store owner, encourage your customers, media partners, and brand advocates to refer new business to you in exchange for a reward when that referral leads to a sale.

These are top 15+ Shopify apps to help you implement Affiliate Marketing program on your Shopify store in 2023:

1. Secomapp: Affiliate Marketing

With this app you can build multiple programs that can have their own commission structure. You can also tier commissions manually. This can be related to the performance of the affiliate marketer or by the products that they’re promoting. You can also set specific rates for products.

Recruitment is easy with this app as you can ask anyone to join your affiliate program. This can include influencers, professional affiliates and even customers. Customers can be asked to join with a simple post-sale popup. Once in the program, affiliates can gain access to store media to make their campaigns blend in with your brand for better conversions and more sales. These campaigns can then be tracked both through affiliate links or coupon codes. Analysis is done through visuals such as graphs and pie charts. Both you and your affiliates can see this.

Finally, payment is made easily. It is done manually, but you have the option to make payments with money or store credit.

2. Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro

Goaffpro is a complete affiliate and influencer marketing solution for your store. With goaffpro, you can set up a custom branded affiliate portal for your Shopify store in just 5 minutes.

Your customers are given a affiliate portal to register and become partners. After registration, they are provided with a referral link which they use to promote your products on their blog, Instagram, etc. They are then rewarded for any purchase made using their referral link.

3. Affiliatly Affiliate Marketing

Affiliatly is an affiliate marketing software for e-commerce store owners.

Main features:

  • Admin panel to manage your program and view statistics
  • Personal affiliate panel for each of your partners
  • A variety of tracking methods (by link, coupon code, QR code, client’s email, product SKU, customer/order tag)
  • Automated referred orders status change (paid or not paid) when you change the order status in your Shopify admin, thus handling events like fully paid order, refunded or returned
  • Control the affiliates’ earnings in case of changes in the orders’ prices or partial refunds
  • Change the tracking link template and set custom tracking codes for your affiliates
  • Block specific products, so affiliates will not get commission for them
  • Set custom commissions for specific products and affiliates track royalties
  • Upload banners for your affiliates
  • View and control affiliates’ stats
  • Pay earnings to affiliates through PayPal
  • Pay your affiliates with gift cards for your store
  • Manage the affiliate commission percentage and cookie duration globally or for a specific partner
  • Choose how affiliates generate earning – per user visit, as a percentage of the price of the order, or as a flat rate per purchase
  • Display the interface of the app in English, German, French and other languages
  • Block inactive affiliates
  • Customize the app to match your branding
  • Write/edit the texts for the login, registration and FAQ pages of the program (basic formatting and images are supported)
  • Export affiliate and order stats to a spreadsheet
  • Add a popup to your checkout to invite your customers to become your affiliates

4. Refersion: Affiliate Marketing

Refersion is a fully-loaded affiliate and influencer marketing platform that you can launch in minutes; this app handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on building partnerships with your affiliates. Be it bloggers, influencers, ambassadors or customers; this app helps you recruit, track and pay affiliates and influencers through an intuitive, easy to use affiliate marketing platform. Zero technical knowledge required!

5. GrowthHero Affiliate Marketing

GrowthHero is a platform to manage and optimize affiliate / referral / influencer programs. Track your affiliates, get useful data-driven insights and boost affiliate revenue.


  • Advanced Affiliate Panel: Powerful customizable panel for your partners with event tracking analytics and marketing resources.
  • One-Click Registration: Turn customers into affiliates by providing a simple link without additional forms.
  • Referral Program: Build your own referral program with a post-purchase modal.
  • Theme Configurator: Change the look and content of the affiliate panel without any coding skills.
  • Groups & Rewards: Setup partner groups to handle different deals between your affiliates and easily manage rewards.
  • Discount Codes: Offer your affiliates promo codes and set incentives for referral friends.
  • PayPal Payments: Pay your affiliates with automatic payments, or authorize it yourself.
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Allow each affiliate to invites others into the affiliate network.

6. ShoutOut ‑ Affiliate Marketing

ShoutOut is a professional multi-level marketing & affiliate referral solution that will drive free traffic & sales to your store. This app allows you build an unlimited network of multi-tiered ambassadors to your brand.

7. LeadDyno Affiliate Marketing

LeadDyno provides all the tools needed to start, manage, and grow your affiliate program.

LeadDyno simplifies affiliate recruitment with easy onboarding. Each affiliate of yours will get access to their own Affiliate Dashboard with everything they need to promote your store and products.

  • Affiliates receive a direct sign-in link to their dashboard.
  • Affiliates can download a mobile app to track their sales or share content.
  • Easy link sharing with tracking for Facebook, Instagram & more.

LeadDyno helps you “automate” your affiliate marketing so that you can mostly “set it and forget it.”

  • Automatically invite new customers to join your affiliate program.
  • Send automated emails to engage customers or leads.
  • Create email marketing drip campaigns for actions such as post-purchase.

LeadDyno tracking goes beyond tracking for affiliates. Monitor the success of all of your marketing efforts with our tracking software. LeadDyno does not use 3rd party cookies, nor 3rd party domains for javascript files, so tracking using LeadDyno will not be interrupted by adblockers.

8. Affilo: Affiliate Marketing

Affilo is an all-in-one solution for referrals & affiliates marketing. It is an easy to use and state of the art app with all the features that you need without bothering about different tiers, subscription plans and confusing usage limits. No coding skills needed either. Use it out of the box and start recruiting affiliates whether they are bloggers, influencers, Instagram celebrities, brand ambassadors or even your own customers.

9. Simple Affiliate

With this app, you can combine your affiliate program with your customer accounts and avoid having to force affiliates to log in somewhere else in just a few clicks.

Simple Affiliate lets you seamlessly turn your customers into affiliates. On setup, this app install a new page called “Affiliate Dashboard” – link to it from your main menu or send your customers an email about it to onboard like never before!

10. Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing tool that gets you more customers by incentivizing referrals. Think of it as word-of-mouth marketing for your products and services.

In a refer-a-friend campaign

  • A referrer/advocate recommends a product/service to a friend inviting them to buy
  • A friend may purchase the product/service based on recommendation from the referrer

11. Affiliate & Referral Marketing

Kickbooster makes it easy to set up an affiliate marketing program in minutes. Kickbooster helps you run and manage your affiliate, referral, and influencer marketing programs all in one integrated platform. Kickbooster handles the tracking link generation and monitoring, the referral validation and commission management, and the reporting for both you and your affiliates.

12. AAA ‑ Affiliate Marketing PRO

This app provides all the affiliate features one needs, that will allow you to exceptionally boost your income with the best affiliates in the market.

13. ValueQ Affiliate

ValueQ Affiliate is an easy-to-use affiliate and influencer marketing platform that help your store boost traffic and increase revenue. With ValueQ Affiliate, you can set up a custom branded affiliate portal for your Shopify store in minutes.

14. Omnistar Affiliate Software

With thousands of business owners using Omnistar as their preferred affiliate software, they’re for sure a platform you won’t want to skip when doing your initial testing. With big clients like Macy’s and Cisco – you know the software has to be good.

15. Fusion: Affiliate Marketing

The app is ready to use upon install. No coding needed.

The first, you must to create a commission rule and set commissions whatever you prefer. Once done, you can create a signup page for people to register to your affiliate program. Or, you can manually invite people to your affiliate program. If you have a list of people in a CSV format, you can bulk import them also to your affiliate program!

Once people signup to your affiliate program, they can login to their dashboards where they can view their commission earnings, statistics, get creatives, referral links and discount codes to promote your business to their audience.

16. Bamboo · Referral Program

Create a new referral program that rewards customers when they promote your products and brand to their friends and wider community. Your customers get a referral link that they can share. When someone makes a purchase through one of these links, the corresponding customers can collect on a reward. This can be something like store credit or coupon for their next purchase.

This simple to use app allows you to reach out to new customers and take advantage of not just affiliate marketing but word of mouth marketing, which is a great way to attract new customers.

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