How To Get Product Feedback From Customer Right At Shopify Checkout Page

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Have you ever wondered why among your competitors, customers choose your product? Let’s collect comments during checkout to understand why your customers purchase your products through the Checkout Comments app. This app not only helps you understand buyer intent but also helps improve the conversion rate on your product pages and helps you to get more traffic with fresh & relevant content. Add the app now to get the benefits that it brings.


Once installed the app to your store, let’s enable the comments on checkout pages to feature. 

The question asked at checkout is: Why did you buy this product? However, you can also change the question your way by clicking the Customize Question icon to start your own design. Fill out all information in the Question Submit Form And Button, it includes Button text, Sending button text, and Placeholder text. Then Submit Button Colors. Don’t forget Save Settings.

After you install the widget, an input field is automatically added to your checkout page which shows after the purchase. Customers can enter their comments into these fields. The input field is shown below each item purchased, including variants of products. This is how the Checkout Comment widget will look on your product page.

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