Shopify for Wine – The all-in-one commerce platform for wine producers and retailers

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Shopify announced the all-in-one commerce platform for wine producers and retailers. It’s called Shopify for Wine.

Wine producers and retailers will benefit from Shopify for Wine‘s rapid modernization by being able to expand while simplifying industry complexities like sales tax and compliance when selling online. This will increase their capacity for creativity and experimentation in how they interact with and serve both new and existing customers.

Shopify also partnered with DRINKS on a new app to take the complexity out of e-commerce wine compliance and sales tax.

The DRINKS app provides simple, precise tax and compliance:

  • The Shopify checkout effortlessly incorporates real-time tax and compliance.
  • Hundreds of pre-configured compliance rules that can be managed natively in Shopify to reflect each winery and retailer’s unique situation, automatically updated as tax rates and rules change
  • Dynamic store modifications that ask customers for their age and date of birth, prevent non-compliant wines from being added to the shopping cart in real-time or held for manual review, show messages unique to their state, and impose volume limitations per order and per customer
  • State tax filings detailed report generation, including total volume by state and state summary reports with sales, credits, and refunds

Now, wine producers can concentrate on creating premium goods to assist them in building the strongest possible digital brand.

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