Shopify Announces Removal of Geolocation App

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In a recent update, Shopify has revealed that its Geolocation app will be sunset on December 1st, 2024. This move will result in the automatic uninstallation of the app from all shops that currently have it installed.

The decision to remove the Geolocation app comes as a result of Shopify’s platform advancements that have significantly reduced the need for the app’s consent-based localization feature. With the expansion of automatic redirection features, automatic browser language redirection, and the consolidation of the GeoIP feature, Shopify has effectively rendered the Geolocation app redundant for shops using dedicated domains or shared domains.

These enhancements will allow storefronts to bypass the Geolocation functionality previously provided by the app, making it unnecessary for users to continue using it. Shopify’s focus on streamlining and optimizing its platform for users has led to this decision to remove the Geolocation app in favor of more integrated and seamless solutions.

Shopify users are encouraged to take note of this upcoming change and prepare for the automatic uninstallation of the Geolocation app from their shops. The platform continues to evolve and innovate to provide an improved experience for both merchants and customers, and this removal is a part of that ongoing effort.

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