Recharge Subscriptions has launched Bundles feature

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Recharge Subscriptions is a recurring billing app built exclusively for Shopify. They have launched the Bundles feature. This feature allows Shopify merchants to use one SKU to bundle multiple products to offer either a customizable “build-your-box” experience or a fixed bundle with pre-selected items.

With Bundles your customers can:

  • Build their own box, customizing their product selections at a fixed price.
  • Subscribe to a curated experience of pre-sent content.
  • Manage and update bundled subscriptions in the Recharge customer portal.

How Bundles works is understood as follows:

When purchased, only the Bundles product will appear in the cart. The selections in the bundle are not shown at the cart level as individual products.

Once the order is processed, the order will display the selected items in the bundle as $0.00 items in the order breakdown on Shopify alongside the Bundles product with the charge for the bundle.

It has now officially entered Open Beta and is now available to test and use for all Pro & Enterprise Recharge merchants on Shopify. All Pro & Enterprise merchants can now create bundles directly from their merchant portal by navigating to Products > Bundles.

Hura Apps is a Recharge’s Partner. We have assisted hundreds of merchants to integrate Recharge on their online stores. We work on setting up subscription products using the ReCharge app which involves recurring billing based on the weekly, Monthly, and Yearly subscriptions. We can also work with the API of the app to help custom anything as your request. Lets us help your business.

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