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Mailchimp has been announced that Mailchimp and Shopify users can connect the 2 platforms with direct integration. It means new and existing users of Mailchimp and Shopify will be able to connect their Mailchimp account with their Shopify storefront through direct integration, eliminating the need for third-party tools and manual data transfers.

By connecting Mailchimp and Shopify directly, merchants will be able to combine the power of purchase data with marketing data and use those insights to help drive conversions, increase revenue, and reach more customers at the right point of their buying journey. Mailchimp has launched this new direct integration now so that their small business customers are ready to connect with their audiences and make this one of their most profitable holiday selling seasons yet.

Now, Mailchimp – A Shopify app is a comeback. And all merchants can install it directly from Shopify App Store for their Shopify store to connect with their MailChimp account.

Mailchimp also has acquired the ShopSync app, which has helped tens of thousands of Mailchimp users connect their accounts to Shopify stores over the past 2 years. So Mailchimp is the only app officially from Mailchimp.

This is really good news for Shopify users because actually Mailchimp is a great email marketing service and is used by many merchants.

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