The Reasons Why Your Business Needs Marketing On Instagram

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Instagram is a social network specializing in sharing photos and videos that is very popular with young people today. This application is increasingly popular and its influence is also very large in the social networking community. Billions of users around the globe are using the app, and fast-adapting businesses are reaping the benefits of marketing through it. So why Instagram is an effective marketing channel and what factors businesses rely on to choose this application, you can follow the following article.

1. More than 1 billion people are using Instagram

We often see banners and posters hanging in crowded places. This is not without reason. The goal of marketing is to communicate to as many customers as possible, and when it attracts their attention, this activity will be effective. This is also really understandable when businesses choose Instagram. According to statistics by the beginning of 2020, there are more than 1 billion active Instagram accounts each month and 80% of the accounts follow a business. This is really an effective marketing channel for you to exploit to improve brand value, find and attract customers for your business. These numbers once again confirm the high efficiency when communicating your business to such a large number of users.

2. Instagram users spent an average of 30 minutes per day on the platform

In the US, Instagram users spend an average of 28 minutes on the app every day. And since 2016, this number has been increasing every year. It can be said that this number clearly shows the time that users spend on the platform. This shows that, when you communicate on this social network, your business will be interested in many people, marketing will be more effective in helping customers identify your brand and products.

3. Instagram is a platform with a large number of young users

In a time when digital technology plays a very important role in promoting and growing digitally for businesses, Instagram has emerged as a powerful and effective marketing tool and channel, especially for businesses. medium and small in Vietnam. Instagram Marketing makes the most of your business’s potential customers based on interests, demographics, behaviors, etc. If your product is aimed mainly at young customers, nothing can be better than this. Instagram. According to statistical data from Pew, 73% of 18-24-year-olds use Instagram. This will make marketing more effective, helping ads show up in front of people most interested in products, services, brands, etc. Avoid wasting impressions on non-potential audiences.

4. Instagram is the leading platform for influencer marketing

Approximately 89 percent of influencers worldwide are using Instagram for influencer marketing campaigns more often than they did a year ago — and Instagram has now become the primary platform for a majority of influencer-based campaigns on a global level, according to research cited in a report from eMarketer. Influencer marketing is seen as a smart bet by many brands. Why do we say that? Influencer marketing is a form of promotion where an entity partner with outspoken market leaders who have curated their own audience to augment your brand’s message”, explained David “Rev” Ciancio, director for Partner Marketing at Yext. “Some modern marketers see it as a form of ‘growth hacking’, where the leverage these market leaders give you allows your brand awareness to grow exponentially faster and gain more trust than you would by more traditional advertising or paid media.

5. Instagram has a significantly higher engagement rate than other social media platforms

Instagram’s average engagement rate is now 1.22%, compared to 0.09% for Facebook. This means that when you post a post on Instagram, your chances of getting reach, likes, and comments are higher compared to similar posts on Facebook. The reason is that more and more people want to interact with brands on Instagram. People don’t just use Instagram to follow their family and friends, they are also very interested in the latest updates of their favorite brands.

The average engagement rate for an Instagram post by a business account is 0.96%. That means you should expect approximately one engagement for every 100 followers. Engagement is apparently highest for photos posts (1.03%), followed by carousel posts (0.86%) and video posts (0.75%). But that will vary by industry and audience preferences

6. Instagram ads are getting more and more popular

Over two million businesses advertising on Instagram, generating $20 billion in revenue for the platform last year. With new ad types rolling out every year, brands have more freedom than ever when it comes to their campaigns (signaling both challenges and opportunities). This technology platform is constantly updated and improved to provide users with a better experience, while advertising will be more relevant and effective. New campaign objectives, visual effects, Instagram stories, etc. will certainly still have a lot of new improvement ideas in the future.

7. Your brand is more persuasive when present on Instagram

According to research data, 58% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand after seeing an ad for it on Instagram. When Instagram ads are correctly targeted and visually appealing, they’re a highly effective means of connecting with new customers. 50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service in Stories. Don’t miss out on all those clicks.

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