The Tips To Improve Your Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest is quite a unique social media platform that relies heavily on the visual aspect to engage users. Images or “pins” are collected from around the web and shared on the platform for design inspiration and general motivation.

In this article, we’re going to cover some tips on how to scale your business on Pinterest.

1. Pin Smarter

Many marketing pros recommend upping your game and pinning at least five times a day to see a drastic difference in engagement. Schedule ahead of time and plan out your exact pins. Make sure to space out your pins to avoid flooding users’ feeds with your content.

Also, try using Rich Pins. It’s a free business tool on Pinterest that can prove tremendously useful. You can add more info and greater detail to your posts including pricing, availability, and where to buy. The Rich Pins feature also allows you to input a CTA link back to your website or blog to drive greater engagement and conversion rates.

2. Image Quality

Pinterest is a visual platform. Images that get cut in the feed or don’t appear properly won’t receive as much engagement, simple as that. Once you have the perfect image crafted for a pin, you then have to sort out the correct aspect ratio. There are two options:

You can also get creative and stack multiple images within one pin for a multi-level mosaic to catch the eye of users or include decorative text within the pin itself as well. Remember that creativity is the name of the game on this platform.

3. Content Copy

Once you have everything else sorted out, the only thing remaining for the perfect pin is the written description. It sounds simple enough but it can be surprisingly tricky. Let’s cover some important to-do’s first:

  • Include helpful detail
  • Use keywords
  • Use a positive tone

On the flip side of things, here are things you should try to avoid in your written descriptions:

  • No promotional pitch (“20% off”)
  • No call-to-action (“Buy now!”)

Combine all of these points in your written descriptions for a winning formula. Keep in mind that our attention span on social media is often limited to a quick glance and a flick of the wrist, so keep your descriptions on the short side: around 100 characters max.

Source: TeeChip’s Blog

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