3 Ways Plagiarism Free Content Can Help You Get More Sales

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Decades ago, it was reasonably easy to pass off another person’s content as yours. However, with the advent of technology, publishing plagiarized work to accelerate sales could lead to haunting consequences. The case is worse when there are only a few trusted authorities on the matter of discourse, and you are left with little choice than to copy from them.

Plagiarism is citing someone else’s work as your own or copying part of an original work without credit to the source.

Published contents are an integral part of the marketing strategy of any brand. The internet is flooded with so much information. So much so that writers may be tempted to use pre-established data rather than attempt to come up with original ideas.

EduBirdie has an excellent example of a helpful tool to check academic plagiarism and general illegal copying. You can always detect plagiarized content before you publish them with plagiarism checker and other related free online tools. It is essential to understand the effect of publishing compelling and original content. Some writers, although well-meaning, often end up plagiarizing already written articles. Although copying an existing document is more leisurely, a plagiarism free content is handy to help you get more from your sales.

3 Ways Plagiarism Free Content Can Help You Get More Sales

High SEO ranking

As far as SEO is concerned, rankings refer to the position of your article or content in the result page of a search engine. When you search for a term, the results are ranked and displayed according to their SEO rating. Unfortunately, plagiarized content doesn’t usually make a list. This is because the search engine prioritizes unique and original content above plagiarized ones. Hence, the reason for low traffic and sales.

Quality Writing Over Quantity

The rush to publish new content and give the readers something to read sometimes means focusing on the quantity rather than the quality of the text. Poorly written articles ruin every effort to promote your product or business. With enormous pressure to craft several articles within a short time, most writers end up copying from another site to meet the demands.

Unfortunately, the readers become uninterested since no one would be interested in reading a material previously found on another website. Content plagiarism can be avoided if you write quality content in small amounts than dump significantly large and copied content from another website.

What better way to captivate the reader’s attention than to make their reading time worth it?

No Ownership Tussle

Nobody ever wants to deal with a brand that is involved in a legal battle. Well, that is what you are going to have when you pass off someone else’s job as your own. Not just this, the consequence of plagiarism can be professional, personal, or ethical. It could mean suspension or expulsion for a student. It could also destroy an academic or professional reputation, depending on the offense.

In the worst case, you will have to deal with the legal fallout of copyright laws and copying without citation. Therefore, writing content free of this trap means you won’t have to bother about any of the headaches above and increase your reputation. Luckily, there are free plagiarism checkers to help you stay vigilant.


Plagiarism plagues contents in schools, the world of academia, and the business world. Whether you are trying to sell an essay or market an idea, it is essential to keep your content original and genuine.

Thanks to technology, an online plagiarism checker answers the question of how to check for plagiarism, hence no room for mistakes. As much as you can, keep your content unique and sell it conveniently.

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