Mobile Marketing Trends for 2021 and Beyond

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The current situation in the world certainly had an impact on trends in the field of mobile marketing. Popular categories have changed, and the volume of mobile commerce has increased.

There has also been a shift in the mobile app industry: popular software categories are being reallocated and new trends are emerging that need to be coexisted with. Let’s take a closer look at what changes have occurred.

The growth of mobile advertising

Though the number of mobile app users has increased during the pandemic (which means that organic search traffic has also increased), mobile advertising is not losing ground. Ad engagement increased by 15% in a few months.

Advertising within apps and in-app stores remains relevant and effective.

Advertising Automation

The aim of ad automation is in speeding up all processes and scaling them. It is more important than ever for advertisers to act quickly and hit the target: set up audience targeting, choose a placement, test, and so on. Process automation can help you do just that.

The growth of mobile commerce

Smartphones were already popular devices for online shopping. But at the height of the pandemic and due to the closure of shopping centers and stores, users switched to mobile as the main channel for shopping. This also applies to grocery stores. This is confirmed by the growth of themed apps in app stores in the United States — the number of downloads increased by 200% from February to March.

The number of non-organic downloads of food delivery apps increased by 40%, while the number of organic downloads and session duration increased by 55%. So this trend was observed not only in the West.

The increase in voice search and control

According to research, smartphone owners unlock their devices about 80 times a day. How does this relate to voice search and the pandemic? Our smartphones are a breeding ground for bacteria. And to protect themselves from infection, users tried not to touch their phones often. They used voice control. Optimization of a product (mobile app) for voice search can become a very successful and popular direction.

Popular application categories

Let’s consider several categories of mobile apps that have gained popularity recently.

Apps for working from home

Another trend that was again triggered by the pandemic is remote work. This is turning into a new normal, and as a result, there is an increase in demand for applications that help you organize remote work and communicate with colleagues online.

Another application topic that is indirectly related to this category is education. There are more useful resources that can make life easier for students, save time and effort, and help organize the learning process. For example, the website.

Universities and other educational institutions have switched to remote work, so teachers and students have turned to online learning applications.

Mobile game

The mobile game industry is undergoing a big growth in popularity. Mobile gaming usage increased by 40% in the second quarter of 2020, compared to the previous year.

Games are an easy and affordable way for the user to meet the need for entertainment. So it’s not surprising that people turned to them during a time of severe self-isolation.

Apps in the health and fitness category

Gyms and fitness clubs were also closed. As well as there were difficulties in seeing a doctor. That’s why users started turning to apps for medical care, mental health support (stress relief, meditation), and fitness apps.

Health apps offer online medical consultations, and fitness programs offer various exercises and sports activities that you can do at home.

According to research, app revenue in the fitness industry increased by 280% – an unprecedented figure.

Social networks, entertainment applications, photo and video

In addition to mobile games, the user has another way for entertainment and distraction. This can include social networks, entertainment apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix. The total number of app downloads for these topics has increased by 2.5 times, compared to the period before the pandemic.

This also includes news apps — they are also in high demand.

Food delivery services and services for audio and video calls (such as FaceTime)

The popularity of services for online calls is explained by the fact that users are looking for analogs of providing the usual services: in the field of consulting, medicine, and others. And virtual communication with video and audio communication helped in this.

The trends presented above cannot predict the future. However, they can offer us something more important – namely, to indicate the way forward, following which we can help customers and business to exist comfortably in any given situation.

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