4 Best Shopify Spy Tools To Spy On Your Competitor’s Shopify Ads

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Maybe you are wondering why I am advertising and the same industry is advertising. Why do users go to competitors and why the company’s product sales are not ideal? You may have analyzed many reasons with employees, but there is no unexpected harvest.

At this time, in addition to the analysis of our product’s own shortcomings, we need to study the peer, and look at what the peer has done what is platform advertising? What about their advertising ideas? Is there something wrong with our marketing? Here’s a look at Shopify spy, here is to introduce the 4 free Shopify spy tools.

1. Niche Scraper

First of all, Niche Scrapper is a tool that is used for researching trending products. Though product researching is the key functionality of this tool, it performs a large number of additional operations as well. One of the positive characteristics of this tool is its capability of providing the most recently updated products for users.

2. Bigspy

This tool is free, you can log on to their website: register an account experience their products, open the Shopify spy the navigation bar, then you can see there are three secondary classifications, respectively: products, trending, top store, enter your product or industry.

You will see the top of the shop, also can click on the corresponding website, and see their product structure. Website marketing is how to layout, the data will be a great help to your product analysis? And you can use this tool to select your country or region, and can also according to the classification of the commodities, find the corresponding rivals. The tool of the second function is trending, this tool can help you to study the trend of a product, a little similar to Google trends. The third tool mainly is the study of a product industry top store ranking, interested can experience the experience, in a word, is to master, improve skills. You study the top store ranking and analyze their products. It also contributes to your website product structure layout, and network marketing. Another additional function of Bigspy reports, in that you can find the corresponding analysis report by yourself and then do an industry or product analysis

To sum up, Bigspy is the best Shopify spy tool. After all, other people’s free products have so many functions, which are quite good, so this tool has high-cost performance.

3. Xpareto

Xpareto is a tool that allows you to monitor other Shopify stores. It reverses engineers the successful ad campaigns and the bestselling products of other stores. As a result, you can directly peak into the business model of other stores. When you’re just starting with drop shipping, gaining any insight is a good idea. With the help of Xpareto, you can do that.

You can analyze the Shopify stores in Xpareto in a few simple steps.

  • You have to search for the store name or the site of the store using the search box.
  • If Xpareto tracks that stuff, you will get the listing. You can view the daily traffic and the rating of the store.
  • You can visit the link of the bestselling product in the store.
  • If the store has an existing Facebook campaign, you can visit that campaign advertisement as well.

4. Shopgenius

Shopgenius is a Facebook ads research tool. It will enable you to spy on your competition in real-time. You can go through the advertisements of your competitors right away to find out what is working for them and what is not working for them.

The tool seems to be quite comprehensive. Users can search Sponsored ads, Mobile ads, Desktop ads, US ads, and UK ads, not to mention the number of ads.

Some of the Shopgenius features which make it highly useful include:

  • Monitoring of all three types of devices: desktop, mobile as well as a tablet.
  • Ad monitoring in the US and UK markets
  • Reverse engineering the Ad: You can filter the ads as per the device which they target. Geographic targeting is also possible. Moreover, you can see the entire targeting including the frequency of the advertisement.
  • Landing page preview: It will help you understand how the store is promoting the products. You can mimic the landing page to increase the ROI of your campaign.
  • Ability to save the ads which you like: When you come across a useful ad campaign, you can easily save it to your folder. The next time around, you want to access that data, you will need to look at the same campaigns, and you will be able to find it easily.
  • Tag-based Ad search: That tag-based ad feature ensures that you can use tags like shoes, and fashion to find out the other campaigns in the same niche. It will allow you to monitor the entire niche rather than just a particular store.
  • Advanced filtering: There are many filters available. You can choose between filters like media type, website type, gender, and even the type of e-commerce platform that the store is using. Hence, it will be easy to find the right campaigns.
  • Complete ad image slider: Shopgenius allows you to view the entire range of images used in the advertisement. You can view the entire slider. It will enable you to find the images that are converting the best. As a result, you will be able to place similar images in your campaign. It does not leave any step to trial and error.

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  1. elmehni says:

    I hope, one day, those millionnares who made a lot of money from ecommerce, make a free tool to help newbies, because sky is too wide, that everybody can fly.

  2. Arnold says:

    One more great tool for product export (CSV) from any Shopify site- https://reputon.com/shopify-product-scraper

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