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Mobile photography is getting popular these days. People turn it out to be their profitable business. Without a doubt, they use Instagram to share their photos. Instagram app gives a chance not only to share your pictures. Visual sharing will be better if you have several high-quality Instagram feed themes.

It is no doubt that the primary intention of this platform is to share and find the best photos. It also provides many opportunities for companies. Let me show them and understand how one can engage his or her audience.

  1. It is possible to sell different items on Instagram. This platform is connected to Facebook. For this reason, you can tag the necessary products within the posts.
  2. You are free to use an Instagram live video. It allows learning more about your viewers, getting more likes, and comments.
  3. Instagram offers a few types of profiles. As an example, it is a creator or business profile to choose from.

Now, get familiar with a small collection of social media and Instagram feed themes I prepared for you.

Colorful Instagram Banner Pack Social Media [$10]

Promoting yourself, your business, and items on Instagram is an excellent idea. Especially if you have a package of eye-catching banners. This choice makes sure that your assortment catches the desired attention. You are free to work with their design as your soul wants. It is possible to add your unique images and texts. Then, choose the necessary colors and fonts to fit your brand. Among the files, you can find ready-made solutions, not only for posts. You have a chance to create engaging stories. It is a beautiful way to announce your events or sales. Below, you can get familiar with some useful options.

  1. It has such a format as AI. You are free to edit these files using Adobe Illustrator.
  2. The size of the template is 1080×1080.
  3. The resolution is 300 dpi.
  4. The color mode is RGB.

By the way, you can check these best Instagram feed apps for Shopify.

Instagram Colorful Banner Social Media [$22]

Your Instagram profile should be perfect if you want to get the highest number of followers. You can take advantage of this package with banners. Thanks to them, you can draw more attention to your assortment. This example of the Instagram feed themes is ideal for both stories and posts. As a result, informing people about the latest updates is easy. They already have a beautifully-designed look. It happens, thanks to a vibrant background, shape, and font. What should you do if you want to personalize them? If you wish to, it will be possible to edit your texts and photos. Now, get familiar with its main options to understand their benefits.

  1. The package has six PSD files. You can quickly edit them in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. The size of the template is 1080×1080.
  3. The resolution is 300 dpi.
  4. The color mode is RGB.

Clean Style Instagram Story Package Social Media [$10]

Posting stories is your chance to get your followers focused on your life. To make others notice you, it is crucial to come up with some unique ones. This choice among the Instagram feed themes is perfect for different topics. As an example, you can speak about food, coffee, photography, and others. How can you take advantage of them?

  1. If you are a chef, you can present your cooking process.
  2. If you are a musician, it is possible to show your concerts.
  3. If you are a sports person, you can showcase your training.
  4. If you are a fashion designer, it is possible to show your newest collection.

200 Ready-to-Use Entrepreneurial Quotes Social Media [$26]

Inspiring others might be a complicated task. When you have an extensive set of ready-to-use quotes, it is possible to impress your followers. Especially if you have an accessible business account. I offer you to get familiar with these entrepreneurial quotes. In general, there are 200 quotations to select from. Each of them has four color options. You can edit them according to your vision. Add your photos and change colors to make it suit your brand. It is also a marvelous variant for different people. These include a blogger, speaker, influencer, and many others. In general, the following files are waiting for you in the package:

  1. a black text and a transparent background.
  2. a white text and a transparent background.
  3. a black text on a white background.
  4. a white text on a black background.

Plus – Pack Social Media [$22]

I also want to mention a universal variant. In other words, you can use this social media package in terms of every popular network. These include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. What will it provide you with? You can choose from 75 PSD files. Among them, you will find the most suitable variant for your profile. Editing them does not require any effort from you. As an example, it is possible to work with smart objects. It makes it quicker to add the essential images to your post. In general, it is your chance to impress your core audience. Below, you can find what files you will get in the package. Keep in mind that you need Adobe Photoshop to edit them.

  1. Facebook images that have a size 1200×1200.
  2. Instagram stories that have a size 1080×1920.
  3. Instagram posts that have a size 1080×1080.
  4. Twitter that have a size 1024×1024.
  5. Pinterest that have a size 736×736.

1,000 Unique and Elegant Quotes Social Media [$30]

I have already mentioned one package with elegant quotes. Yet, you might want to grow your toolkit. Together with these 1000 unique quotes, you can get more attention. These are suitable for such social media as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can customize them as your soul wants. In addition to this, you can promote different topics. The package includes many popular niches.

  1. 53 travel quotes
  2. 61 eco quotes
  3. 150 deep quotes
  4. 200 inspirational entrepreneur quotes
  5. 200 essential social media quotes
  6. 150 inspirational quotes
  7. 300 short quotes

It seems to me that their design is beautiful. It has a common background. However, choosing the most engaging colors and fonts is not a challenge. You can mix them as you want and create limitless posts. There are more advantages you need to look through.

  1. Five free photos and seven stock photos.
  2. Eight eco-related images.
  3. Five blurred backgrounds.
  4. A brush pack.
  5. Six text gradients.

Animated – Instagram Video Templates for Photoshop Social Media [$30]

Do you want to impress your target audience with something particular? All Instagram users got used to expressive posts. For this reason, you need to choose something that makes you famous. As an example, you can pay your attention to these video templates. An animated social media kit enables you to make your profile stand out from the crowd. It has 30 PSD files. They include not only smart objects but also masks. Thanks to these elements, you can edit many elements. Among them, there are texts, fonts, colors, images, and others. Adobe Photoshop gives a chance to create an original post. It allows opening many formats, including .avi, .mov, .mp4, and others. Learn what types of content you can come up with.

  1. Gifs from videos.
  2. Elements included in the set of animations.
  3. Slideshow.
  4. Boomerangs.
  5. Cartoons.

Modern Social Media Kit (Vol. 6) Social Media [$22]

This modern social media kit has many advanced options. As some previous variants, it is suitable not only for Instagram. Thanks to it, you are free to make your Facebook account more exciting. These files can assist a large number of people with their purposes.

  1. Bloggers.
  2. Fashion brands.
  3. Lifestyle brands.
  4. Magazines.
  5. Creative businesses.

You can personalize their looks according to your brand. Change the required colors, texts, and images to make sure your profile deserves attention. In general, you can select from ten user-friendly templates. You should install Adobe Photoshop to modify their design.

Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid Social Media [$26]

An individual style of your Instagram profile always matters. People want to follow stylish and high-quality accounts. The overall look of your posts is crucial. If you adore a minimalist style, you can check this powerful tool out. Maybe, you have already heard about puzzles. Thanks to this example of the best Instagram feed themes, you can create them. It allows generating your images as posts. After making 27 posts, you can take advantage of it again. It saves lots of time and shows your creativity. I should present its key features to assure you of exploring this tool.

  1. One PSD file that allows creating 27 posts with your images.
  2. 18 free stock photos in a minimalist-looking style.
  3. The opportunity to change colors and texts using masking.

Facebook Templates. 10 Cover Photos For Facebook Timeline Bundle [$9]

Now, I want to turn your attention to another social network. I am talking about Facebook. The number of its promotional capabilities is large. If you have a project to share, you need an eye-catching cover photo. It should spread your message and interest. For this reason, you need to get familiar with these ten cover photos. It is suitable for many recognized topics. I should mention all of them. In such a way, you can understand whether this package meets your needs.

  1. Creative agency.
  2. Web design.
  3. Coffee.
  4. Cafe.
  5. Fashion.
  6. Auto services.
  7. Bar or restaurant.
  8. Floral business.
  9. Fashion.
  10. Consulting.

Facebook Cover Photo Design Social Media [$6]

As you can understand, the cover page is crucial. Many businesses are looking for a way to showcase their brand in a flash. For the reason that it attracts more clients. The first impression should be excellent. I decided to share this impressive cover photo. It seems to me that it is a multipurpose variant. Yet, it is mostly suitable for such topics as gadgets and electronics. Furthermore, you should know the following details about this template.

  1. It is a user-friendly MotoCMS template.
  2. It has an elegant design.
  3. It provides the necessary customization options. These files are well-structured. It means that you have the freedom to edit their images, text styles, and other elements.

Business Facebook Cover Social Media [$22]

A cover photo takes a large part of your profile. It is no doubt that people pay their attention to this critical element. When it comes to an account that should boost sales, you need to have a perfect cover. For this reason, I want you to learn more about this marvelous option. Before doing it, you need to remember some essential facts.

  1. Everyone is going to view your cover.
  2. It should have a unique look.
  3. Your cover photo should be straightforward. In other words, your visitors should understand what they are going to get in a jiffy.

If you choose this business PSD cover, your profile will look better. Without a doubt, it is a highly-customizable choice. Yet, it requires Adobe Photoshop in case you want to make changes. More details about it you can learn below.

  1. The size of the template is 1640×624.
  2. The resolution is 72 dpi.
  3. The color mode is RGB.

10 Fashion Instagram Template PSD Designs Social Media [$10]

Another example of Instagram feed themes for your vision. It is suitable for a fashion brand. If your profile requires some brightness and style, you need to grab it. Thanks to its fonts, shapes, and backgrounds, you can grow your audience. Such content ensures that your followers will consider your profile to be remarkable. There is no need to limit your imagination. Change the necessary graphic elements to get the most beautiful images. Now, I would like to look through its main options.

  1. The package has well-organized Photoshop files.
  2. You are free to personalize text styles and images.

YouTube Cover Template For Fashion Store Social Media [$4]

I have presented a few banner templates for both Facebook and Instagram. It would be excellent if you checked this YouTube cover template. First of all, you should know what professions it is suitable for.

  1. Stylists.
  2. Makeup artists.
  3. Painters.
  4. Many other creative fields.

Do you think that some elements are not perfect? You can make every edit you consider to be suitable. It is possible to add your text or apply color settings. Add your images to get an individual banner. What are other options that deserve your attention?

  1. It is a fully-customizable PSD file.
  2. You can edit this banner in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. The resolution is 300 dpi.

SINBAD Social Media Pack Bundle [$22]

SINBAD is a comfortable social media package. It is not only a remarkable variant among the Instagram feed themes. You can also grab it for such social media as Pinterest and Facebook. The package has many beautiful images that can inspire others. It also includes a set of customizable elements. Why do you need to create your posts using them?

  1. There are 14 templates for Instagram in 1200×1200 px.
  2. There are 14 templates for Facebook in 1200×627 px.
  3. There are 14 templates for Pinterest in 1200×1500 px.
  4. Each template provides two color variations.
  5. You need to have Adobe Photoshop to edit them.

YouTube Cover Template for Floral Designer Social Media [$4]

Boosting your Youtube channel can start with a little step. As an example, it can be choosing the right cover photo. Yet, not every image has the ability to attract more viewers to your channel. You need to share the best tips to make sure people will notice you. Now, I want to speak about an option for your floral business. Increasing subscribers can happen, thanks to a unique banner. Its floral background and attractive color scheme will impress your audience. I should also mention a few critical options.

  1. It is a MotoCMS template.
  2. You can edit and customize its look effortlessly.
  3. The editing process requires having Adobe Photoshop.

Pastel – Instagram Stories & Posts Social Media [$22]

Pastel is an eye-catching example of the Instagram feed themes. It is a multipurpose variant for many business and personal needs. Thanks to them, you can create visually attractive posts and stories. In general, the package has 30 templates. All of them are PSD files. In other words, you need to have Adobe Photoshop to edit them. Each file comes together with two color options. Among them, you will find something that suits your brand. You should also keep the following details in mind.

  1. There are 15 story templates designed for Instagram. It has size 1280×1920 px.
  2. There are 15 square templates designed for Instagram. It has size 1200×1200 px.

Hello Pack Social Media [$22]

Every Instagram profile owner should interact with his or her owners. Others might notice your connection and decide to follow you. For this reason, it is crucial to make a perfect first impression. The first post should arouse interest in your audience. In my opinion, you can do this together with this social media package. It is also suitable for Pinterest and Instagram. What should you know about these templates?

  1. These are PSD templates. You can edit them in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. There are 12 PSD templates for Instagram in 1200×1200 px.
  3. There are 12 PSD templates for Facebook in 1200×627 px.
  4. There are 12 PSD templates for Pinterest in 1200x1500px.

Fashion Promotional Instagram Social Media [$22]

A fashion-related profile should have a perfect appearance. Especially if you sell or advertise clothes or cosmetics. You might need some eCommerce banners to grow your audience. For this reason, I want to share this promotional package with you. It offers to choose from nine templates. Each of them is fully editable. You can personalize their look and engage others with your stylish content. Of course, it has many vector objects. You can arrange and resize them according to your vision. Moreover, you should remember the following attributes.

  1. These are PSD files. You can quickly edit them in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. The size of the template is 1080×1080.
  3. The resolution is 300 dpi.
  4. The color mode is RGB.

Facebook Cover Photo Design Social Media [$22]

As you can understand, Facebook can help you with improving your business level. Adding your personality to the profile can boost your popularity. To achieve this goal, you can grab this multipurpose template. It is a perfect option for many business niches. It is no doubt that it offers a highly-editable nature. You are free to add the most impressive photo and necessary pieces of information. What are you going to find in this package?

  1. There are four PSD files designed for your Facebook account.
  2. Each of them has four color variations.
  3. The resolution is 72 dpi.
  4. The color mode is RGB.

The number of your followers depends on your readiness to work on the posts and their look. If you choose one of these Instagram feed themes, your account will grow. Other social media templates also allow improving your position, among others. I hope that you have already selected something for your purpose. Thanks for reading!

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