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Font Awesome is a font and icon toolkit based on CSS and LESS. Font Awesome 5 has launched over 3 years ago. After shipping 4 new styles, new services and features, and of course thousands of icons, Font Awesome 6 is ready to release.

Font Awesome 6 is coming – that is, the notice from Font Awesome development team.

They’ve been percolating and prepping to serve up Version 6! It includes everything they’ve made in Font Awesome 5 plus more icons, styles, and even more ways to use Font Awesome.

To better match the needs, look of your projects, Font Awesome 6 has even more consistently designed icons in more styles than ever before.

Icon Revamps + Additions

Not only have the developers added a huge collection of new icons, they’ve revamped and given the existing icons some love and attention. The team is taking a 30,000 view of the icon collection and then parachuting down with the magnifying glasses at the ready to make sure the thousands of symbols are as visually consistent, clear, and complete as possible. Expect tune-ups to your favorites along with new icons to round-out topics, categories, and interaction states. And, of course, they’ll keep adding icons into Font Awesome Free.

A New Thin Style

Thin is the latest in the collection of icon styles. It joins the solid, regular, light, and duotone styles as another option to match your project’s look and feel, and its light touch feels right at home in a minimalist UI. While it might technically be a featherweight, it packs a punch stylistically!

A Sharp Family of Icon Styles

The developers’re adding an entirely new family right alongside Font Awesome Classic. Font Awesome Sharp is all of the existing icon styles (including the new thin style) rendered in a crisp new look. Top chefs like you deserve the sharpest knives and icons when cooking up something fresh!

Upload Your Own Icons!

The developers’ve added thousands of icons, but there’s always at least one that’s not there when you need it. Not anymore, fa-user-friends. With Font Awesome 6, you can now upload your own icons to a kit and easily use them right alongside Font Awesome icons! And the developers’ll continue to worry about hosting and babysitting browsers.

And Version 6 Has Much More!

The developers’re whipping up more ways to use Font Awesome like: a WordPress plugin, official Font Awesome Web Components, official Django and Rails packages and support for CSS custom properties. And they’ll be performance tweaks that make Font Awesome Pro faster than ever.

  • Official WordPress Plugin: Finally, an easy and dependable way to use icons in your pages and posts.
  • Official Web Component: The future is now and includes universal simple syntax and all the W3 benes.
  • Official Rails Plugin: They’ve polished this gem so your project is sure to shine with icons.
  • Official Django Plugin: Pip’ing ain’t easy sometimes unless you’re installing our awesome package.
  • CSS Custom Properties: Change any visual configuration globally or right “on the style spot”.
  • Performance Improvements: Make the kilobyte Kessel run in record time and load icons at lightspeed.

The interested people can read more information here.

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