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DesignCap is a very versatile online image editing service that allows you to create virtually any graphic or publication, from posters, cards, infographics, Charts, to Instagram posts, Facebook cover photos and Youtube thumbnail & channel art. However, it does not require the same level of proficiency as using Photoshop or InDesign. We can create easily and quickly, and the end result is very convincing, whether it’s for printing or online use.

We will take photo collages for an example to clarify how convenient this app is but keep one thing in mind that DesignCap itself isn’t just designed specifically for making photo collages, but it’s also great for that purpose. While there are limitations in the free version, to see if it meets our needs, we don’t have to do anything, just get to work. Plus, if you only work occasionally and online, you might even get plenty of the free feature set. If we want a more serious end result, we can subscribe to the service, which is relatively cheap (, and even temporary.

There are two ways to get involved in creating photo collages. One is that we do everything manually, that is, we figure out the distribution of the photos, the degree of overlap, the overall layout. This is more time consuming, but in return we can get a completely unique end result. Plus, you don’t even have to be an initiated image magician for this: as a starting point, you need to select the size and shape of the future image in the online application interface (you can also request a canvas optimized for Instagram or Pinterest). To do this, click the Create New button and select the desired size. With the Custom Size option, you can specify the size of the image you want to capture in pixels.

Once we have the canvas, we can get to work. From the toolbar on the left, select Uploads to upload the photos you want to use for the collage, or all at once. These are placed in the container from where they simply need to be dragged onto the canvas.

And here we can already arrange them: they can be scaled, moved, rotated. We’ll also find some great filters to make them more exciting, but we’ll even get polishing tools to correct poorly managed exposures afterwards, or we can match the characteristics of photos to each other. The tools at the top right can be used to change the relative orientation of the images, as well as help you position them more accurately. If necessary, we can even toss the overall effect with captions (Text), graphic elements (there are plenty of Elements).

A little trick: in the Elements / Frame Mask collection you will find a pile of formatted frames that you can place on the montage you are making and then draw your own photos on them, which will immediately crop the program according to the shape of the frame.

If someone doesn’t want to solve everything from scratch, no problem. The DesignCap Templates menu has a host of great templates that include a number of eye-catching photo collages with a few clicks. Thus, it is enough to replace only the images, or to delete the graphic elements and texts that are unnecessary for us. While these are meticulously put together templates, we can even smash them completely if we feel like it.

Whichever solution you choose, DesignCap is one of the easiest tools to create spectacular photo montages. We find virtually every tool in it for this purpose (although there is no doubt that if we want complete creative freedom, it is better to subscribe to it than to adapt to the constraints of the free version).

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