Top Tips To Effective eCommerce Customer Support

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In a fiercely competitive environment on the e-commerce platform, we try to do everything we can, pay a lot of money to develop our store in the best way, attract customers impressively and most effective way to achieve your business goals. However, there is one quite important thing that we often dismiss, which also determines whether customers will come back to you again or if they are willing to refer you to their friends, that is how we support customers when they are in the process of purchasing or after completing the transaction. This article will summarize tips to help you support your customers quickly and effectively so that customers can build solid trust in your brand.

1. Integrated live chat features

According to statistics, about 31% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after a live chat, and live chat leads to higher customer satisfaction rates than other channels. Another customer service is 73% and 61% for email. This is also quite understandable, live chat will help solve the problem faster and the content communicated will also be more complete and accurate. It will be great when you have a problem and get the fastest and most efficient support, surely this brand will be the first place you think of when you have a shopping need. Apps that help you integrate live chat will make your store look more professional.

2. Ask Customers For Feedback or Review

One of the most practical ways to support customers is to collect customer reviews about the quality of your products and services. Offer recommendations or incentives that encourage customers to review. Through those reviews, if the reviews are good, we can develop the strengths of our brand, and at the same time promote our brand in the most objective way. If the reviews are not good, we can fix the shortcomings and support customers in the fastest and most effective way.

3. Enquire Post Purchase Survey

Getting to know your customers is a key part of growing your business, in addition, it helps you support your customer in the best way. Ever wonder what your customers are thinking about your products, your content, or your store design? When customers complete their check out, it’s easily one of the best times to ask a quick ask 1 or 2 questions to understand what motivated them to buy from you today. By having a clearer understanding of your existing customers, you’ll be able to refine and optimize your marketing to find more of the same customers to come back. This is the best way to discover customer persona and brings a great shopping experience for them. You can refer to the best Shopify apps for enquiring post-purchase surveys, it will give you ideas to help you create a survey of customer feedback and review.

4. Multi-channel Strategy

Today, your customers use a lot of social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest… It would be great if you have an advertising strategy, reaching your customers all over the world. these social platforms. This will help you reach customers faster, more customers, and the opportunity to bring your products and services to them as quickly as possible.

5. Periodically check your website activity

This is a simple trick that most of us often overlook. Regularly check your website is working properly, there is no error and promptly fix it. This not only supports your customers but also minimizes loss of revenue due to unnecessary problems. Having your customers visit a website where everything runs smoothly increases your customer satisfaction, providing them with a better shopping experience.

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