Top 10 Dropshipping Winning Products to sell in 2019

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To get a quick win in dropshipping, the first step is to find the most profitable and in-demand products to sell. Here I made a list of trending products I believe winners in 2019.

All the winning products on the list can be found in suppliers supported by ShopMaster, which is available for free to all Shopify and more dropshipping.

1. Posture Corrector

As more and more people seeking for healthy working style during their work, posture corrector, as one of the simplest and most versatile tools, become popular among those who need to sit for a long time before their desk with using laptops.

Take a look at Good trends, you can find there is a sharp increase for this keyword, which indicates the prospect of this product.

2. Sport & Fitness Clothing

Sports underwear, sports pants, sports vest, and sports accessories like headbands are always sold well. With the popularities and huge demands, this kind of product is filled with opportunities to make profits. You can make money by selling on your own brand or importing and selling with thousands of variations from different top-qualified suppliers.

3. Anti-aging Face Cream

No one can stand to grow old. And that is why there is huge market potential for anti-aging face cream. According to the statistics, there is a market share of 330 billion dollars for anti-aging Face Cream products. If you are going to market women as your audience, it’s not bad to add this category to your store.

4. Security Cameras

By 2020, the total security market will account for 47 million dollars. People are investing havilier for home security ptoducts. What’s more, besides security cameras, you can also sell some related accessories, which boost with the security cameras market increasing.

5. Phone Accessories

Phone Accessories keeps a good trending with the phone becomes more and more universal. You can sell phone case, charger, earphones, power bank etc. by purchasing from the suppliers with relatively low price and sell at a higher price.

6. Smoothie Blender

Blender for shakes, smoothies, food prep becomes popular among customers as they pay more attention to health care. Blender might be a good option to start a success dropshipping business in 2019.

From Google trends statistics, it won’t be a disappointing item to sell.

7. Shapewear

According to the statistics, the shapewear market is expected to 5.6 billion dollars in 2022. There are different styles such as bodysuits, tops, waist shapers. With its high demands and huge profits, you may consider drop ship Shapewear to your stores.

8. Outdoor Recreation Accessories

Outdoor recreation accessories always sell well. Hot selling items on Amazon such as travel pillow, backpacks, digital hanging luggage scales, passport holders can be taken into consideration if you mean to start.

9. SmartWatch

1.2 billion watches are sold every year. Among them, high-tech, minimalist smart watches ranks the tops. As high demands with small size and light weight, it would be wise to dropship some smartwatches to your store. Bluetooth smart watches are strongly recommended if you are going to start.

You can expect a continued upward trending on this category.

10. Teeth Whitening Products

According to research, global demands for teeth whitening products will reach 7.4 billion dollars in 2024, which make them one of the best evergreen niches to start a store.

Just take a quick look at Google trends, you will find people’s interests increase over time:

Source: ShopMaster

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