Why you should upgrade to Shopify Plus for your Shopify store?

Sell Online With Shopify
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Shopify Plus is an advance version of Shopify. It gives you a multi-channel platform with unmatched scalability, which help to grow your business without any barrier. Shopify plus is mainly used for large and growing online stores and websites.

Shopify Plus helps to scale your business through its higher level tools and features. It is also provides lower transaction fee. The fee per transaction is lower than 0.2 percent, depending on store’s revenue. It can even be as low as 0 percent.

Here are few benefits of Shopify Plus:

  • App Integration: Shopify Plus has an App Store ecosystem with plenty of well-vetted extension. All the extensions are basically pre-packaged code that you can paste into your store to add integration or built out features.
  • Wholesale Management: Wholesale management provides the power to run a separate wholesale website from Merchant’s existing Shopify account. By which Mearchat can customize the pricing per buyer, bulk discount, shipping rules and can also review and edit order before invoicing.
  • Safety and Security: Shopify Plus offers fully custom domain. It is fully safe and secure in terms of personal and financial informations of their customers. Developers use top level SSL checkout for the security and maintenance of your website.
  • Excellent Loading Speed: 3 seconds are the stander loading time for a healthy website. If the target user need to wait more than three second then it is bad review for your website. Shopify plus has inbuilt features which makes the website optimized automatically.
  • Powerful Marketing Tools: A powerful marketing requires the right toolset. The basic version offers SEO features along with advanced e-commerce analytics offers marketing tools like custom gift cards, discount coupons, store statistics and many more.
Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide
Sign up for a free trial and enjoy the first month of Shopify for $1.

If you have a businesses doing $1M/year in revenue, you should consider choosing Shopify Plus as the platform.

With Shopify Plus, you can scale your business quickly and easily. The platform was built with growth in mind so you won’t run into any technical hitches along the way. You can say goodbye to worrying about your site going down during major sales.

Shopify Plus helps you to save your business money. Because the platform is hosted, you won’t need a team working on your server and backend code. You also won’t need to spend time figuring out how to integrate your software solutions or how to get up and running with things like retargeting ads. Shopify’s virtually endless app store and partner program take care of all those things for you.

Shopify Plus is the most user-friendly and customizable hosted offering on the market. Shopify comes with all the core features any eCommerce needs, with access to a massive app store and partner network that enables a store to create the exact software solution they need, rather than having to work with something that’s completely pre-set out of the box.

There are many, many other benefits. If you’d like to learn more, this is a great piece to check out: https://www.shopify.com/plus.

Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide
Sign up for a free trial and enjoy the first month of Shopify for $1.

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