The Most Common Reasons For Abandoned Carts

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As a business owner, surely everyone wants to turn visitors into customers immediately. However, no matter how well your business is run, how eye-catching the products you display, and even if you have a strategic way of doing business that stands out from the competition, there will still be cases where customers leave without making a purchase. According to the survey data in March 2020, over 80% of online shopping carts were filled and then abandoned. So what is the cause? and is your business making these mistakes? Please refer to the following article.

The most common reasons for abandoned carts:

1. High shipping prices

Your customers have shown their support for your brand by choosing to buy your products and filling their carts. However, when it comes to payment, the high shipping cost will be one of the factors that make them feel dissatisfied and ready to abandon the shopping cart and exit your website. This is one of the most common reasons.

To prevent this from happening, be clear in giving estimated shipping costs upfront, so customers can get an estimate of how much they will pay. Thus, your customers will feel more satisfied, the cart abandonment rate will also be significantly reduced.

2. Comparison shopping

Today, there are many competitors. They often offer preferential policies and discount programs to attract customers to their brand. Moreover, they also apply discount programs for loyal customers. Therefore, customers often add products to the cart and initiate checkout to check the exact price they need to pay. Customers will also do the same with different stores to compare prices and will make the final decision.

Create promotions and send them to customers in the process to attract attention and help customers make purchasing decisions faster. Integrate more applications to display promotional popup here.

3. Shipping time

In some cases, customers need something urgently but the shipping time is too long, which will make customers skip the product and switch to another form of shopping. Or choose items with faster delivery time. What your business needs to do is provide more delivery methods for customers to choose from. Moreover, you should integrate the estimated delivery date widgets so that customers know when they will receive the goods to make faster purchasing decisions.

4. Payment Process

This is the last but not least important step in the customer buying process. Imagine your customer has put their trust in your store among other competitors, they have decided to buy your product, but when it comes to checkout because the checkout process is too complicated, the Payment methods are limited, which will cause your customers to immediately leave your website, abandoning the shopping cart. The thing to do is to simplify everything and try to make it as convenient for customers as possible so as not to miss any opportunity to increase sales.

5. Abandoned carts

Sometimes customers are in the process of shopping but have work so they force the shopping process to be delayed. After that, this order was accidentally forgotten by the customer. In order not to lose these orders, what you need to do is detect and remind customers about this abandoned cart by forms such as email or SMS to restore this cart. Integrate these applications, surely cart abandonment will not happen in your store.

Sell Online With Shopify
Trusted by millions of businesses worldwide
Sign up for a free trial and enjoy 3 months of Shopify for $1/month on select plans.

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