How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your Online Store

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Did you know that around 70% of online shopping orders were abandoned? That is a significant amount of unrealized potential revenue. For your benefit, this post contains the knowledge required to reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate and boost revenue.

What is an abandoned cart?

When a consumer adds things from your store to their online shopping cart but then leaves before checking out, this is known as an abandoned cart in e-commerce.

Why do customers abandon shopping carts?

Numerous factors that contribute to cart abandonment are outside your control. Some shoppers might be weighing their options, comparing prices, and putting purchases aside for later. Sometimes, though, life happens, and in the midst of any online buying binge, banal events like a bell ringing can happen.

Top 10 Reasons for Cart Abandonment During Checkout

  1. High extra costs (shipping, taxes): 49%
  2. Obligatory account: 24%
  3. Slow delivery: 19%
  4. Long or complicated checkout: 18%
  5. Untrustworthy website: 17%
  6. Unclear total up-front: 17%
  7. Website crashed: 12%
  8. Bad return policy: 11%
  9. Not many payment methods: 7%
  10. Declined credit card: 4%

How to get abandoned carts back on your online store?

1. Abandoned Cart Emails

Email marketing is one of the most widely used methods for preventing shopping cart abandonment. You may enhance your conversion rates by recovering abandoned carts with the aid of these emails.

The fact that they are automatic is the finest part! You don’t need to do anything to set them up, and your consumers will get an email reminder from you asking them to finish their purchase.

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2. Run retargeting ads

Of course, there are alternatives to email if you want to remind your clients of their incomplete orders. Retargeting advertisements target previous visitors to your website who abandoned the checkout process. They serve as helpful reminders for customers to keep your products top of mind for their previous consumers.

For each consumer, you may create the ideal retargeting advertisements using Facebook dynamic ads. By using information from a user’s last interaction with a website, you can use this to display the precise and related products that the user was previously interested in.

Coupons and offers that are about to expire are a terrific approach to get shoppers to return to their abandoned shopping carts. To compel viewers to act right away, pair them with your retargeting advertising.

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