How to get a free US address?

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You are not US citizen and you don’t live in USA. So you can not have an address in USA . But your business need an address in USD. Don’t worry! With Viabox You only need 10 second to get a free US address.

You go to Viabox’s website: and fill the register form.

After submit this form, you will have an address in USA. You must login this new account and go to Account page ( to set up your forwarding address.

This is the last step. And now you have an US address at Viabox:

First and Last Name: Kiet Huynh
Address Line 1: 11923 NE Sumner St
Address Line 2: STE 800762
City: Portland
Zip Code: 97220
State: Oregon
Country: United States

You can use this address to receive parcel. Viabox will help you receive it and forward to your real address.

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