Top 5+ Shopify Apps For Selling Prescription Lenses

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Nowadays, the demand for prescription lenses has surged alongside sunglasses and fashion glasses. To cater to discerning customers and provide unparalleled shopping experiences, businesses are constantly searching for the best Shopify app to integrate into their prescription lens stores. Understanding that need, this article will summarize the top 5+ Shopify apps for selling prescription lenses. These applications not only facilitate the sale of prescription lenses but also assist retailers in effectively serving the diverse needs of their customer base while maximizing profits. Let’s follow the article.

The Best Shopify Apps For Selling Prescription Lenses In 2024

Here is the list of the top 5+ Shopify apps for selling prescription lenses:

1. LensAdvisor: Prescription Lens

If you want to make more money and save time, why don’t you try LensAdvisor? LensAdvisor is an app that helps you sell prescription glasses and sunglasses online, and contact lenses too. With this app, you can offer your customers a seamless prescription checkout experience. From saving prescriptions to measuring PD, LensAdvisor automates the entire Rx process. Your customers can easily receive a pair of glasses based on their prescription without going anywhere.

Pricing: Free plan available


  • Offer customers an unlimited selection of prescription types and lenses
  • Drive upsells with lens options and add-ons
  • Customize every part of the user journey to match your theme
  • Sell prescription contact lenses


LensAdvisor: Prescription Lens App

2. Lensio: Verify Prescriptions

Lensio is an automated prescription verification app that enables you to sell contact lenses to US consumers. This app helps you automatically verify contact lens prescriptions so you have more time to focus on your customers. US law requires that all contact lens sellers verify a patient’s contact lens prescription. So lucky when this process is automated thanks to Lensio. This application not only helps store owners comply with strict regulations when selling contact lenses, but it also helps bring convenience to customers during shopping.

Pricing: Free plan available


  • Lensio takes care of regulatory compliance so you don’t need to.
  • Lensio is plug-and-play so you can start selling right away you can save time and money.
  • Ensure Accuracy: the contact lens database has up-to-date info on every product


Lensio: Verify Prescriptions App

3. Lenskit: Prescription Lens

Lenskit is the premier platform designed to streamline the sale of prescription lenses and contact lenses. With Lenskit, you unlock a seamless integration that simplifies the process of offering prescription lens options alongside frame products. You can tailor your customer experience effortlessly through these versatile customization features, including prescription-first, lens-first, no-prescription, and contact lens prescription workflows.

Whether you’re selling frames, lenses, or both, this app provides a great process to help you increase your sales. Try this app today to enhance user engagement and drive conversions, ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping journey for your clientele.

Pricing: Free plan available. 14-day free trial.


  • This app is fully customizable, matches your brand and theme, and preset templates
  • Logic jumps for lens steps, conditional options on lens step
  • “Select Lenses” button on the product page, app section on the other pages
  • You can send prescription data via email


Lenskit: Prescription Lens App

4. Ant Lens: Prescription Lens

You should have this app installed if you sell glasses or sunglasses and want to offer prescription lenses. Ant Lens is an awesome solution for seamlessly integrating prescription lenses into your frame products, bringing a great eyewear retail experience. A must-have for vendors of glasses and sunglasses looking to elevate their offerings, Ant Lens empowers you with flexible control capabilities.

Ant Lens provides 6 prescription types, 5 lens types, and 3 ways to submit prescription details to ensure that your customers receive precisely tailored eyewear solutions. Moreover, this app offers three streamlined methods for submitting prescription details, enabling effortless customization to suit individual preferences. You have full control over lens pricing, brand styling, app styling, and form rules (which fields are required).

Pricing: From $38/month


  • 6 prescription types, 5 lens types, and 3 ways to submit prescription details.
  • Show on your product page, reducing your sales cycle from days to mere seconds.
  • Sell high-value, high-margin prescription lenses to your eyewear products.


Ant Lens: Prescription Lens App

5. S: Prescription Eye Lens

S: Prescription Eye Lens is an app that helps simplify the ordering process and eradicate the hassle of intricate measurements and frequent optometrist visits for your customer.

With just a few effortless clicks, patrons seamlessly input their prescription details, and access to precise, top-tier lenses delivered straight from your online store. This app not only simplifies the ordering journey but also minimizes the likelihood of errors, positioning your business for unparalleled success in a fiercely competitive market landscape.

Pricing: From $29/month. 7-day free trial.


  • Upload Prescription file (JPEG, PNG, PDF) or Use Manual Prescription form
  • Create unlimited custom RX options like Axis, Sphere, Cylinder, etc.
  • Activate the Prescription option on specific products
  • Customers can configure either both eyes or single-eye prescription options
  • Support Lens & Glass products. Possible to buy separate qty for left & right eye


S: Prescription Eye Lens App


Using these great Shopify apps for selling prescription lenses presents an opportunity for businesses. These Shopify apps eliminate the need for complicated measurements and trips to the optometrist of your customers, they offer customers an unlimited selection of prescription types and lenses. By integrating Shopify apps for selling prescription lenses, businesses can enhance their online presence enhance customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.

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