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Shopify recently added the option to release your discount codes to sales channels. This means overnight discount codes were pushed to Google shopping often without stores having any idea.

Coupon sites scrape codes from emails and your site and then display them to everyone. Even worse, they will show your affiliate and influencer codes, so you end up having inflated sales to pay commission on as well. In addition, the internal codes you use to test are probably open to the public.

Do you know how to stop coupon leakage for your Shopify store? In this post, I’ll show you the top 4+ best prevent coupon leakage apps for Shopify. So, let’s begin!

1. Coupon Detective

Coupon Detective helps you understand how shopping extensions & coupon sites affect your business.


  • Recognize when visitors are using a coupon extension
  • Understand which deal sites are leaking coupons
  • Tie coupon usage from these sources to session-level data and completed orders
  • Realize lost revenue tied to coupon extensions and deal sites
  • Segmented user data based on coupon usage (AOV, Total Sales, Orders, etc.)
  • Retire and redistribute leaked affiliate codes based on usage data
  • Ensure accurate affiliate attribution and commission payouts
  • Performance usage data to optimize customer acquisition channels


2. Promo Pirates

Promo Pirates solves coupon leakage by tracking what sites your codes have leaked to, blocking coupon code extensions, and giving you control back.

Promo Pirates helps merchants keep control over their discounts by eliminating the unknown. Instead of coupon codes showing up on 3rd party sites, you’ll be able to see which codes are displayed where and block coupon extensions from popping up across your site.

By reporting which of your discount codes are leaked out to which site, you’ll have the ability to block or change codes, helping to regain control over your discounting strategy.

  • Blocks all Major Coupon Extensions
  • Smart AI recognizes when users are using extensions vs when they don’t.
  • Full Access and Visibility on how often blocking occurs, and which extensions
  • No negative impact on Page Speed
  • Crawls 100+ coupon sites and reports which codes leaked to which site!


3. Vigilance ‑ Block Coupon Leaks

Vigilance makes it easy to manage coupon code leaks and injections from popular discount extensions. It completely blocks Honey, RetailMeNot, Capital One Shopping, and 10+ other discount extensions from injecting coupon codes. This will increase the average order value (AOV) and conversion rate. At the same time, it is helping to increase profit margins. – Easy to set up. No development is required.

Vigilance will let you know when a discount code leaks online to Honey – Block discount codes, refresh and create new codes when a coupon leak happens – Break down how much revenue has been leaked since the code was.


4. cleanCART

This Shopify app gives you a full suite of tools to manage your discount strategy and day-to-day operations. Below are just a few highlights:

Free Coupon Leakage

Completely free reporting to understand, in real-time:

  • How discount sites like RetailMeNot are scrapping and redistributing your discount codes
  • Lost revenue from leaked codes applied from discount sites
  • Take action when it happens to stop eroding margins and destroying your affiliate attribution.

Block Coupon Extensions

Stop extensions like Honey from allowing the use of unwanted discount codes on your site:

  • Immediate recovered revenue back to your bottom line
  • Prevent promo code abuse
  • See which extensions users are using
  • Set it and forget it: automatically block coupon extensions from injecting discount codes
  • No negative impact on page load speeds

Protect Against False Affiliate Fees

  • Prevent inflated commission payments from cookie-stuffing affiliates
  • Clear up your attribution reporting with more accurate data
  • Take back control of your affiliate marketing program

Detailed analytics will show you how coupon extensions and discount sites are affecting your site, including:

  • The total amount of recovered revenue from blocked coupon extensions
  • Lost revenue from leaked codes applied from discount sites
  • Top coupon codes used by extensions
  • Which extensions are being used
  • Cart conversion rates



Now, it’s your turn to implement an effective strategy to prevent coupon leakage for your Shopify store. I hope this post helps you to choose the best app to stop coupon leakage for your Shopify store. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’d love to help. Thanks for reading!

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