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The decision-making process of customers while shopping on your website can be influenced by several factors, including weather conditions. This is especially true when your website sells items that are directly related to or impacted by weather factors. In such cases, setting up a weather widget can prove to be a valuable addition to your website. Shopify offers a range of weather forecast apps that can assist you in keeping up-to-date with the weather, thereby enabling you to optimize your sales opportunities. In this article, we will review the top 2+ best Shopify weather forecast apps that can help you remain informed and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Here are the best Shopify Live Weather Forecast apps in 2023:

1. Live Weather Forecast

Live Weather Forecast is a Shopify app that enables the creation of a live weather forecast widget for your online store. With this Shopify app, displaying current weather information and forecasts for any location around the world is a simple and customizable process. You can insert any location using its name, ZIP, or coordinates and your website audience can easily view the updated information on temperature, pressure, humidity, and other weather elements. The widget offers the option to showcase hourly or daily forecasts, while the weather-themed background images reflect the current weather conditions. Additionally, you can personalize the widget’s appearance by selecting from five different configuration types or painting the background in any color of your choice.


2. WX: Live Weather Forecast App

WX: Live Weather Forecast App is a Shopify app that enables the creation of a customizable live weather forecast widget for your online store. By embedding this weather app, you can display valuable information and keep your site visitors engaged for longer periods, thereby improving their user experience and increasing the likelihood of a purchase. The app’s real-time weather forecasts are particularly useful for those who sell weather-related items or operate brick-and-mortar stores where weather conditions can affect customer traffic. The widget showcases several features, including current temperature, high and low temperatures, cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed, and humidity. Moreover, it provides an extended outlook selection that includes hourly, daily, and 7-day forecasts. The app’s customization options also allow you to match your brand’s design by selecting colors, fonts, gradients, border styles, and more.



As we conclude our article, we hope that we’ve provided you with valuable insights into the top 2+ best Shopify weather forecast apps. By utilizing these apps, you can keep your online store updated on current weather conditions, enabling you to make informed decisions that can help you optimize your sales opportunities and improve your customer experience. Whether you choose to use the Elfsight Weather Shopify or the WX: Live Weather Forecast App, these apps offer valuable features that can help you remain informed and ahead in the competitive landscape. So why wait? Give these apps a try and take your online store to the next level.

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