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If you are a developer or an application development company for Shopify, you might want to implement an affiliate program for your app. Affiliate programs are a powerful way to boost your app sales, exposure, and reputation. By rewarding your affiliates for bringing you new customers, you can leverage their network, influence, and trust. However, creating and managing an affiliate program can be complicated and costly. You need to integrate your app with affiliate tracking software, set up commission rules, track conversions, pay your affiliates, and monitor your program performance. That’s where the affiliate platforms come in.

Here is the list of the top affiliate platforms for Shopify partners in 2024:

1. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a website that offers affiliate tracking software for online services, eCommerce, and SaaS. Tapfiliate allows you to create, track, and scale your own affiliate, influencer, and referral programs with ease. You can integrate it with your Shopify app, set up flexible commissions, automate workflows, and get real-time reports. You can also connect your program to the Admitad Partner Network and access thousands of publishers who can promote your app. Tapfiliate has different pricing plans to suit your needs and offers a 14-day free trial. You can learn more about Tapfiliate by visiting their website or reading their help center.

Tapfiliate is one of the best websites that support implementing affiliate programs for developers and application development companies for Shopify. With Tapfiliate, you can grow your app business and reach new customers with minimal effort and cost. Tapfiliate is the ultimate solution for affiliate marketing for Shopify apps.

2. Shoffi

Shoffi is an affiliate platform for Shopify apps. They offer everything you need to create, run, and scale your own affiliate program for your app.

Shoffi offers a ‘Plug And Play’ affiliate system to integrate with your Shopify apps. You can use it to create an affiliate program for each of your apps and invite and manage your affiliate partners. Shoffi provides you with a complete affiliate program solution, including advanced separate dashboards for the app owner and the affiliate partners. You can set your own affiliate terms, such as commission rate, payment method, and cookie duration. You can also invite affiliate partners to join your program using invite links and branded sign-up pages. Shoffi also has a marketplace for Shopify app affiliate programs, where affiliates can discover new apps to promote and ask to join their programs.

Shoffi helps your affiliate partners to promote your app effectively. They can use referral links to direct potential customers to your app. Shoffi tracks every view, install, and payment made by merchants who click the referral link. The data is visible for both affiliate partners and app owners in their dashboards. Shoffi also syncs with the Shopify Partners API to track transactions. That means you only pay your affiliates when Shopify approves the charge of your app. Shoffi notifies you when an affiliate requests a payment and helps you to process it.

Shoffi is one of the best websites that support implementing affiliate programs for developers and application development companies for Shopify. With Shoffi, you can grow your app business and reach new customers with minimal effort and cost. Shoffi is the ultimate solution for affiliate marketing for Shopify apps.

3. FirstPromoter

FirstPromoter is an affiliate and referral-tracking application for SaaS and subscription-based businesses. It allows SaaS companies to track, manage, and optimize any type of referral-based marketing program. With FirstPromoter, you can launch your own affiliate and referral program in minutes and integrate it with Stripe, Paddle, Recurly, Braintree, Chargebee, or their API. The platform offers a branded affiliate dashboard where affiliates can see their stats and share the referral link from their own private dashboard. FirstPromoter also provides one-click PayPal payouts, personalized referral links coupon code tracking, and two-sided rewards. You can track sales by discount coupon codes alone, email, or personalized referral links. FirstPromoter is trusted by hundreds of SaaS businesses and is built for subscriptions. It automatically tracks recurring and one-time charges, upgrades, cancellations, and refunds, and knows how to automatically adjust commissions for any billing event, saving you a lot of time. You can set different rewards for each pricing plan, view your trialing, paying, and canceled referred users, and metrics like MRR generated by affiliates. FirstPromoter’s step-by-step setup makes it super easy to get started and launch your first affiliate program, no matter how simple or complex your affiliate scheme is.

4. PartnerDrift

Partner Drift is an affiliate platform for Shopify partners. The platform allows affiliates to join the affiliate program, share the apps, and earn commissions. It offers an affiliate signup page and dashboard and allows users to integrate directly into the Shopify app to track referrals automatically and calculate referral shares. It enables affiliates to earn a referral commission from apps.

5. PartnerJam

PartnerJam is an affiliate management platform for Shopify app developers. It helps developers to start and grow their affiliate marketing programs and increase their app installs. PartnerJam integrates with Shopify API, supports various pricing models, and provides a branded landing page for each app.

PartnerJam offers a free package that users can take advantage of.


In conclusion, affiliate platforms are a great solution for application development companies for Shopify who want to implement an affiliate program without the hassle of managing it themselves. These platforms offer a variety of features such as easy integration, commission management, conversion tracking, and payment processing. With the help of these platforms, you can focus on developing your app while leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to drive sales and grow your business.

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