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Page Builder is a simple and effective tool for any e-commerce retailer to build their business. Based on all pre-made templates you can easily import a complete page layout or insert each individual block in any position on the page and publish them in minutes. You can create a landing page, a home page, a product page, a sales page, a collection page, an about-us page, a contact us page, a blog list page, a blog detail page, a FAQ page, a 404 page, etc.

With this usefulness, more and more Shopify Page Builder apps are being published on the Shopify app store. The features of this app are increasingly being upgraded, making it not simply a page builder. However, if you are just starting out or do not need to use a lot of the extended features, you can refer to the following free Shopify Page Builder apps. Using these free apps will help you save money but still ensure efficiency.

Here is the list of the top 12 free Shopify Page Builder apps in 2024:

1. PageFly Landing Page Builder

If you are looking for an app that helps create landing pages or sections for your existing store and integrates with your other favorite Shopify apps so PageFly Landing Page Builder will solve this problem for you. PageFly is a powerful page builder with a drag-and-drop system designed to boost the conversion rate for your store. Besides, this app helps you redesign your whole website to be unique from your competitors and start generating sales sustainably.

PageFly offers flexible month-to-month pricing plans that allow you to pay for what you want when you need it. For the free plan, you will be provided with all the features and tools, moreover, you will not have to pay for 1 publishable slot.


2. Shogun Landing Page Builder

Shogun Landing Page Builder is created to build your store by your way. Page Builder is easy enough to use for beginners and more than powerful enough for seasoned design and development teams that need a scalable solution. Through this app, you can precise page design for all page types: Home Page, Collections Page, FAQ, Contact Page, custom Product Pages, About us, Size Charts & more with Drag + Drop Page Builder. Take complete control of your product theme and collections with the product editor. Moreover, you can easily create the blog layout of your dreams and save it as a reusable template to give your blog theme consistency and save time.

Free Plan Features will provide the basics to get your store started. It includes Drag + Drop page builder, 3+ page templates, SEO Controls, Design by screen size, and Email support.


3. LayoutHub ‑ Easy Page Builder

LayoutHub is an easy page builder that helps merchants quickly set up an online store with any kind of page type by using the library of pre-designed layouts and blocks. Based on all pre-made templates you can easily import a complete page layout or insert each individual block in any position on the page. With LayoutHub you can create a landing page, a home page, a product page, a sales page, a collection page, an about-us page, a contact us page, a blog list page, a blog detail page, a FAQ page, a 404 page, Coming soon page.

There will be 4 different plans with separate features for each plan. With the free plan, what you will get is email support, lifetime free, footer branding, use all premium layouts, support standard pages and limit 3 pages, layouts


  • Easy to use step by step.
  • Designed for non-technical people.
  • Big Library of layouts and sections to unlimited your brand style.
  • All layouts were optimized UX/UI for Hight Conversation Rate.
  • Mix any block/section with Drag and Drop in the library to get the style you love.
  • Easy to Preview and Import the layout for starts.
  • Compatible and responsive for all devices.


4. Automizely Page Builder

Automizely Page Builder is a simple and effective way for any e-commerce retailer to build their business. Create stunning landing pages from scratch. Customize them the way you want with professional-looking templates, and an interactive editor, and publish them in minutes.

Automizely Page Builder helps online retailers specializing in apparel, home furniture, skincare, etc., convert web traffic into sales thanks to fast load speeds, a simple user experience, an interface, and mobile responsiveness. Product lists can be added to landing pages so visitors can add more products to their carts without browsing the store. Use a pre-designed template or edit an existing Shopify page.

You will be able to use the free plan available for 7 days, in this package you will be provided with a full library of elements and basic page templates. If you need to create more than one page or need to integrate more features like a sticky add-to-cart widget, you can upgrade to the paid plans.


5. EcomSolid Theme & Page Builder

Whether you are a seasoned business or just starting out, selling online can be daunting. Even before building your site, you need to buy a theme, choose integrations, and balance monthly fees… every decision can be an expensive one

But it doesn’t have to be! EcomSolid is a page builder with themes so you can design every aspect of your website, no code is needed. With +100 custom blocks, a hide header & footer, a huge portfolio of templates, and tons of sale-bosting add-ons, conversion-focused branded stores can be set up instantly all in one app. 

You can try a free plan with basic features including access to all themes library, all sections, and add-ons library. Moreover, you can publish 2 pages with this free plan.


6. Zeno Landing Page Builder

Zeno Landing Page Builder is an app that helps design a Landing page, Product page, Collection page, Cart page, and even 404 page.. visually just by dragging and dropping. You can build from the ground up with no bloat or unnecessary libraries, optimized for perfect loading time. It is extremely easy to use, even for absolute non-technical people.

If you are just starting out, you can refer to the free plan of this app. This free plan provides a powerful visual editor, SEO optimization, high-speed CDN, email support, 1 Landing page, and 1 Blog post. Update starter or professional if you want to receive more features.


  • Easy-to-use page builder, designed for non-technical people.
  • Responsive in mind. Design your pages perfectly across all devices.
  • Built from the ground up, optimized for loading speed, and search engine friendly.
  • Edit the meta title, and meta description to ensure your page is well-ranked on search engines.
  • Compatible with any themes. Keep using the theme you love.


7. Homepage & Blog Page Builder

Coding, design, and budget won’t stop you from launching your own online store. Layoutbase is a drag-and-drop page builder designed to empower eCommerce beginners to build professional online stores with no coding.

Different from other apps, it has a free plan for up to 30 days. You can receive all app features, free templates available, search engine optimization, and 24/7 live chat support.


  • Single Page Customization including Homepage, Product Page, Collections Page, Blogs, Landing Page, Promotion Page, Contact Page, and so on.
  • The scheduled to Publish function allows you to show different designs and decorations for various vacations and activities. The content of the page switches once it reaches the designated time.
  • The mutual pages function allows you to use the same saved page when you have multiple stores. It saves you time from building pages and allows you to expand your store quickly.
  • When you finished combining a set of components, you can save it as a Snippet. Next time when you build or edit a page, you can use the Snippet directly to save more time.
  • It is compatible with all themes and apps. You can use your existing Shopify pages without starting over, which helps you face your customer at a fast speed.
  • The compatible and responsive page supports all kinds of devices. It also optimizes the loading speed and is search engine friendly. 


8. Replo Landing Page Builder

Replo empowers you to create fast, accessible, configurable pages that drive conversion through your customized brand marketing. Take control of your site’s marketing pages, without knowing how to code or needing expert help.

Install Replo Pagebuilder today and join brands with millions of dollars of yearly sales in creating and customizing your online storefront. The free plan is always available for you. With this plan, you can use unlimited features, and unlimited previews, try out Replo on preview pages for free and 1 user can build on Replo per store.


9. Profit Pages Page Builder

The super-powered app gives you 25+ hand-crafted widgets that look amazing on any device. You and your customers will love the slideshows, galleries, photo blocks, and more. This app provides a beautiful user interface that was carefully crafted to feel like it is part of the Shopify experience. This app helps quickly add reviews, features, product descriptions, and more to your product pages to attract more customers and sell more products. Besides that, it also helps you design better landing pages and blogs with custom slideshows, galleries, hero blocks, and quote blocks to engage and delight your audience. Install now to increase sales with beautiful product pages and landing pages.

When installing the free plan, you will receive access to all templates, you can make 2 Products and build 1 page per month. The standard plan will offer 15 pages per month and Unlimited Products / Pages with the professional plan.


10. Buildify Landing Page Builder

Buildify is a drag-n-drop page builder allowing you to create custom landing pages, and customize collection, product, and blog pages in an intuitive manner requiring no coding skills from the user. There are a great number of page templates and widgets: basic, media, icons, buttons, comments, analytics, and more to choose from. Your work is just Drag-and-drop widgets to custom landing pages, customize collection, product, and blog pages, without messing with the code. Pages render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes (mobiles, tablets, desktops).

Install Buildufy to explore the galore of templates, features, and analytics tools and find out why Shopify merchants choose this app. The free plan allows 1 page to publish. If you want more, you can refer to another fee plan.


11. Smarketly Page Builder Editor

With Smarketly pages builder & Editor, you can customize your pages more quickly without a designer or developer.

This app helps customize all your Shopify pages into great-looking & sales pages. Drag & Drop Builder to customize pages or create from scratch. Drag & drop sections in all your pages: Homepage, Product pages, Pages, Collections & Cart. Grow your business success & boost conversion. Easily edit your product pages – Turn every product page into a sales landing page – add sections above the buy box – add additional content sections based on collections/products – add promotional sections. Add informational content or Promotions that will help you to increase value and improve conversion. Increase revenue by offering Bundles, Offers, Promos, or additional products in the product, collection, or cart pages.

Build sales funnels that will boost your store sales today. The free plan will offer 6 free section types, special section-multi pack compare, build landing pages with & without header/footer, publish on any page, and unlimited views.


12. Pagemunch Landing Page Builder

Page Builder by Mailmunch is the best drag-n-drop interface to launch your store successfully. This app provides unlimited access to 100s of templates. Display (Slideshow, Tabs, Accordion, Image, Video, Gifs, QR Code, Variant, Hero Banner). FOMO Effects (Countdown Timer, Compare At Price, Low-in-stock, Animations) and Order tracking.

This app helps you save time to grow your business. Whether you are a starting merchant or a professional, Page Builder by Mailmunch will give you a very friendly user experience. Fully customizable on all types of pages: Homepage, Landing Page, Collection Page, Product Page, Contact Page, About Us Page, Password Page, FAQ Page, Thank you Page & more. Cross-compatibility on all devices. Auto-responsive Mobile Version will assure a frictionless customer buying experience. Adapts well to any theme available in the market.

The free plan will allow you to receive all integrations and build 1 page. Upgrade to another plan to receive more benefits and unlimited pages.


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