Top 10+ Tools to Make Social Media Videos Easily 2020

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Which video tool is the right one for your own needs? Ultimately, the spectrum ranges from intuitively operated entry-level tools to professional editing programs and from mobile apps to cloud software and desktop programs for downloading. And the costs are also very different.

Here we introduce you to our top 10+ video tools for social media marketing. You will find out what the individual programs or applications can do and what they are particularly useful for.

Essential properties of video tools

But what does a video tool have to be able to do for social media use? The decisive factor is on which channel and for what purpose you want to use the tool. It also relies on whether you are looking for a tool that is characterized by many functions or one that specializes in a few features and produces good results in a short time.

10+ Tools for Creating Social Media Videos

1. FlexClip

FlexClip is a video making site where you can make videos with a website, but the feature is that you can quickly make videos by choosing from abundant templates. The basic flow is to prepare the material and start from scratch, or select a template and make it quickly. There are a lot of templates available. It’s not enough to make a solid video, but it’s perfect for making a slide show or a simple promotional video.

The basic usage of FlexClip is to select a template, decide on text and animation, and save it. Isn’t it easy? You can intuitively create stylish videos without having to learn how to edit videos.In FlexClip, we use “storyboard” to create a video. In addition to the material prepared in the template, you can also upload and use your own video and material. It is also possible to capture a screen or a webcam by using FlexClip.

2. Animoto

The cloud-based video tool Animoto is ideal for creating professional videos in a short time. The “Marketing Videos” category is explicitly aimed at companies. With “Slideshow Videos for Photography”, photographers can create videos from their pictures, and “Slideshow Videos for Family” allows private customers to turn images or film recordings of family events into entertaining clips.

3. Hyperlapse

In hyperlapse is Instagram’s own app for creating time-lapse videos. Films can be accelerated up to 12 times with it. Alternatively, you have the option of leaving it at the average recording speed. The application also corrects shaky recordings and allows you to post finished videos directly to Facebook or Instagram. A simple, easy-to-use, and effective tool for free. The only catch: Hyperlapse from Instagram is currently only available for iOS. Android and Windows Phone users have to resort to an alternative. Our recommendation in this context is Hyperlapse from Microsoft.

4. Magisto

Magisto doesn’t have a magic to offer, but with a little skill, you can create magical video clips for social networks with the tool. The application is available for Android as well as for iOS and as a web-based tool for the PC and is characterized above all by the little effort required to create appealing videos. Select videos and photos as well as an “editing style” and a soundtrack from the Magisto music library. The app handles the processing or embellishment of your raw material independently. EspeciallyThe integrated analysis options are great for content marketing.

5. Shakr

Shakr is specifically aimed at companies that want to do video marketing on Facebook or Instagram. The tool gives you the ability to create professional-looking videos with just a few clicks and a simple drag and drop. More than 2000 templates and a large music library complete the range of services. One highlight is the ability to quickly convert videos into advertisements for Facebook and Instagram.

6. Animaker

Animated videos are ideal for introducing products and services and for explaining complicated things simply and clearly. Explanatory videos are particularly popular. The cloud-based tool also opens up fascinating possibilities for presentations or Instagram stories. If you want to export videos more than five times a month and use more design options, the prices start at 12 euros per month. For companies that regularly do video marketing, the premium package for 39 euros a month is worthwhile.

7. Renderforest

Do you want to create animated videos faster and easier? Then take a look at Renderforest. This tool is an Animaker alternative, which is very easy to use. Videos can also be posted directly to social media channels, including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter. This even works in the Free Plan. For the video marketing of companies, however, the premium package, which costs 49 euros per month, is worthwhile.

8. Typito

Sometimes it is often desirable to add text to video clips. This is all the more true because many people watch videos without sound on the go, for example, in the subway. Typito gives you this opportunity. Upload photos and / or videos, add your own layouts, subtitles and music and post the result directly on Facebook or YouTube, in portrait or landscape format. There is a free package to try out. For professional use, however, at least $290 per year is due.

9. Moovly

Moovly is one of the video tools that are a little more complicated to use. But it offers an impressive range of functions. This includes a ton of icons and graphics that you can add to your video. There are also great animations and the option of uploading your own voice recordings. On this foundation, exciting clips can be created for a wide variety of social media channels. You can upload your videos to Facebook or YouTube directly from Moovly without any detours. The same applies here: the free access is suitable for testing. However, this has limitations such as low video quality and a watermark on all videos. For professional content marketing, you have to expect at least 25 euros per month.

10. Anchor

Anchor’s video function is specifically aimed at people or companies who want to add videos to podcasts. To get started, all you have to do is create a free account. Then you can select a segment from your podcast that is shorter than 2 minutes. Anchor automatically transcribes this and creates a video, which is mainly a pre-made background with text – the transcription can then be corrected. You can also give the video an individual note by choosing an individual color. Fast and free, a promising tool for sharing podcast snippets on social networks. It is limited by the short duration of the segments, but on the other hand, hardly anyone wants to watch longer podcast clips on Facebook. And of course, Anchor offers a number of other features for creating and distributing podcasts, including the ability to communicate with viewers while they are broadcast. The finished posts can be published directly on Twitter or Facebook.

11. RecordCast

If you are a Tech YouTuber, you need to frequently record your screens which is quite a struggle at times. RecordCast can you with it. RecordCast is a cloud-based tool developed by PearlMountain Technology, a company that designs collage makers, video editors, and similar designing resources for Windows and Mac.

RecordCast is an online tool that helps you record your screens and edit your videos from the comfort of your web browser. It was designed to simplify the process of video recording and it totally lives up to its purpose.


People who work in social media marketing increasingly spend time creating and editing videos. Those who deal with tools for this early on have a clear advantage. A long training period is rarely necessary. Because many apps and cloud-based programs are easy to use and provide outstanding results in no time at all, nevertheless, it is worth investing time. If you want to stand out from the competition here, you have to stand out from the crowd.

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