The Shopify apps help you create cart drawer in Shopify

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The Cart Drawer is a good replacement for your current cart page because the user does not need to go on cart page and they can see the all cart detail in sidebar. That will lets customers access their products in cart easily and allows them to one click checkout and increase your conversion rate.

We’ve collected the Shopify apps help you create cart drawer in Shopify and list here.

1. ULTIMATE Cart Drawer + Upsells


Ultimate Cart Drawer replaces your current cart page/cart drawer with a cart drawer that’s designed to focus on promoting relevant products to what shoppers just added to their cart.

Showing shoppers relevant products right when they’ve just added an item to their cart is an effective way to increase your average order value by getting shoppers to be aware of similar products that they may need.

2. Sticky Add To Cart DRAWER PLUS


This app has 5 important functionalities

Custom Cart: A floating cart visible on the entire page, the customer can see all the products directly from the custom cart, inside the cart you have the option to activate the discount coupon input box and the note input box, the application will reduce the purchase time, this app has 3 types of Cart and these are:

  • Cart Drawer
  • Floating Cart
  • Dropdown Cart

The Custom Cart will be displayed when the buyer clicks on the shopping cart icon at the top of the page or on the Sticky Cart

Sticky Add To Cart Bar: Create a horizontal bar that adheres to the top or bottom of the product page with the “Add To Cart” or “Checkout” button. The horizontal bar will always be visible at the top or bottom of the product page, no matter how much the person moves down. Even if the user moves the mouse and navigates, the horizontal bar will always be visible at the top of the page.

Sticky Cart: It shows a button Add to Cart sticky in a prominent way that is always visible in your store, appears clearly as they browse your store, your visitors will always have the opportunity to buy, this means increasing sales quickly

Quick Buy Button: It is a quick buy button that is added to the list of products. Allow all your customers to buy with just one click, the button will be visible in any list of products for example on the home page, recommended products, collection page and more

Cart Animator: The Add to Cart Button and the Checkout button will attract as much attention as possible, with a wide variety of effects available, increase your sale conversions.

3. Sticky Cart+ Fly Cart + Drawer


This app helps to add a floating Sticky Cart Drawer on every product page . On clicking the Add To Cart Drawer button, customers can view the information related to that product and can quickly add a product to the cart. After the customer clicks on Sticky Cart, system will automatically redirect the customer to the cart page.

4. Slide Cart


Slide Cart is the best cart drawer app available on Shopify, loaded with all the features you need to enhance your customer’s experience, improve your conversion rate, and increase your average order value. Slide Cart is the ultimate complement to any online store.

Slide Cart works by replacing the default cart page with an on-page enhanced version. Slide Cart makes your cart accessible from anywhere on your site and looks great on any theme or design. Slide Cart covers everything, here’s a breakdown of the most important features:

  • Upselling: Offer customers additional items right in their cart before they checkout. Slide Cart allows you to add up to 5 upsell products. It’s super easy to use, adheres to your product’s status, and even works with multi-option products.
  • Motivate and reward: Motivate your customers to spend more and reward them when they hit a minimum. You can set up rewards like 10% off after $100, free shipping after $50, and so much more. Slide Cart will show a progress bar so customers know exactly what to do.
  • Announcements: Alert your customers of important shop announcements right in your cart. This is a great place to announce sales, upcoming products, etc. Slide Cart lets you customize the announcement bar colors and add unlimited announcements.
  • Ultra-compatible: Slide Cart was built to truly fit with Shopify seamlessly. Slide Cart provides 100% coverage of the default cart page’s functionality. It supports every language, adheres to your shop’s money format, and requires zero coding.
  • Customizable: Slide Cart was designed to match any theme out of the gate, but we also provide you with configuration options to get it just right. You can change the accent color, font sizes, rounded corners, position, and functionality.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Slide Cart has a great backend that allows you to manage your Slide Cart super easy. Someone at any technical ability can use Slide Cart and it makes it impossible to mess things up.

5. AOD Flying Cart, Fast Checkout


When using this app your store’s current cart page gets replaced by Flying Cart which adds more worth to a store by providing a quick view of customers cart, allow them to one click checkout and increase your conversion rate.

6. Quick Mini Cart


The Mini Shopping Cart allows your shoppers to quickly view shopping cart items without having to go to the shopping cart page. The app will not only reduce the shopping time but also bring the convenient experience to shoppers, which will increase your sales.

Minicart is powerful enough, if you want you can replace the current shopping cart; you can write a promotional message on the shopping cart page to tell your shopper about the latest promotions.

Mini cart offers two shopping cart types:

  • Dropdown Cart
  • Cart Drawer

Minicart will show up when your shopper clicks on the shopping cart icon at the top of the page.

7. Advanced Cart Drawer


Advanced Cart Drawer is a good replacement for your current cart page as it adds worth to your store by letting customers access their products in cart easily and allows them to checkout quickly as well which increases the conversion rate.

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