The Best Shopify Metafields Apps for your store

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The metafields object allows you to store additional information for products, collections, orders, blogs, pages and your shop. You can output metafields on your storefront using Liquid.

There are several Shopify apps that make use of the Shopify API to let you manage your metafields:

1. Metafields Editor


Metafields Editor is a Shopify app, that allows you to add additional custom data in your Shopify store. It can be used in products, variants, collections, customers, orders, page, blogs and articles. Metafields Editor allows you to create, add, and modify metafields in your store.

I’ve written an article to guide you use this app. You can refer at here.

2. Metafields Custom Field Master


With the Metafields Customer Field Master app you can maximize the power of content throughout your Shopify shop. This app gives every merchant the power to add, manage, import, and export extra, additional fields for pretty much anything you can imagine…this includes anything in your shop like collections, products, customers, pages, product variants, orders, blogs, articles, etc. It will allow you to create, add, edit, and manage metafields in your store, however, it will not make modifications to the theme that you are using.

3. Custom Fields


Custom Fields is the most advanced Metafield editor available for Shopify. It’s extensive, flexible, and smart. Custom Fields covers all the bases, hassle-free.

This app allows you to edit field values directly in context, as well as manage and sync your store’s data with ease. It supports all imaginable field types from reference to rich texts. The app also offers the bulk uploading feature so as to save your time importing data to your store.

4. Accentuate Custom Fields


Accentuate Custom Fields provides you with unprecedented options for enriching and personalizing your Shopify content – including advanced image handling features.

Accentuate Custom Fields integrates seamlessly with your Shopify admin giving you a simple yet powerful interface to define custom fields and to edit values for your products, collections and more in their right context.

5. Metafields2


The app installs like any other app and adds context-aware links within your Shopify dashboard to the app where you can create and manage all of your extra fields. The app also provides full import/export capability via CSV files similar to the way you can import products and/or customers now in your dashboard.

6. All in One Metafields


All in One Metafields app is a powerful, professional toolkit for the store owner to create and handle everything related to custom meta fields and custom fields for Shopify. The app provides a wide range of field types and a lot many options for each field type, which gives you unlimited possibility to control and customize the custom fields.

7. Metafields Plus +


Metafields + is an amazing app to attach custom fields, apart from what Shopify allows you to.

You can add custom meta-fields to:

  • Products
  • Product Variants
  • Product Collections
  • Customers
  • Store
  • Orders

Type of Metafields you can attach:

  • Images
  • Files
  • HTML
  • Simple Text

8. MetaFields Pro


Metafields Pro is a Shopify application that is based on the application Metafields Editor.

If you need to edit your metafields in bulk, the app allows to import and export metafields from/to comma separated values (csv) files. You can edit your data in a spreadsheet program and then import.

9. SuperFields


SuperFields is designed to be the most intuitive and simple way to create, manage and organize metafields on Shopify without any line of code.

10. Metafield Sync


With this app, you can associate additional information with the product and enhance listings by showcasing unique elements.


  • Interface: Sleek and simple
  • Search: fastest
  • Ease of use
  • Color coding for success and error update
  • Selective update possible via super fast search
  • All products and their variants with current meta-fields are shown
  • Bulk edit of metafields via file upload

11. Airfields


By this Airfields Shopify app, it is easy for the online merchants to extend their stores with multiple tools to collect the data. Based on the Shopify Polaris, this app is user-friendly for any Shopify store owners because this app’s interfaces are the same interface as Shopify interfaces. Moreover, the app users can add any description or images for their products to make the customers have more information about their items. Besides, all information is downloadable so the visitors can choose to save their expected products’ information into pdf. In addition, the users can set many series of Related blog posts to increase the website traffic easier. Besides, with the slides on the homepage, this app will help the marketing campaign can be more effective. Last but not least, the app users also enable adding delivery notes to their orders.

12. Advanced Custom Fields


Advanced Custom Field (ACF) a powerful add-on application for your Shopify store that utilizes Shopify’s Metafields. It enables admins to add, manage, import, and export extra structured metafields to things in Shopify, such as collections, products, customers, pages, product variants, orders, blogs and articles. These extra content fields are more commonly referred to as Custom Fields and can allow you to build websites faster and educate your clients quicker.

13. Metafields Webguruz


Basically, Metafields Webguruz is another Shopify app that allows you to add extra custom fields to your products on the Shopify store.

Metafields WebGuruz allows:

  • Adding more fields to products.
  • Adding custom features to improve the appearance of your Shopify products.

14. Simple Metafields Editor


Simple Metafields Editor is the simplest app there is when it comes to creating, modifying and removing metafields. You can choose to edit metafields for the most important resources: shop, smart and simple collections, products and product variants. Use the Edit Metafields shortcut in the product details page for easy access. No monthly payments and no hidden costs. Pay once and keep it forever.

15. Metafields Transporter


This app will let you create, update, import, export and transport your store’s product Metafields.

16. Metafields Custom Fields


This app helps to add more custom fields attached to any page, product, variant, customer, order, blog, article… or at the shop level! Supports text, rich text, reference fields, image uploads and much more.

It automatically detects existing metafields for a given object. This means that if you were using some other metafield app in the past you can easily transition to Metafields Custom Fields and continue to edit existing fields.

17. BetaMeta Metafields


BetaMeta Metafields is an app aiming to make adding extra data to your Products, Articles, Custom Collections, Smart Collections, Customers, Orders, Pages, Blog and Shop as simple as possible.

This app will allow you to create, add and modify metafields in your store. Some object you can add data to are: Products, Articles, Custom Collections, Smart Collections, Customers, Orders, Pages, Blog and Shop.

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